Jazzy Jack Colored

(OC of DKR, Retard Master)

stupid character by DKR, nobody cares.

The Origin of Jazzy Jack

who fucking cares, this story sucked anyway. DKR is a fag


Why the fuck would he have powers i mean really. "Jack's parents were gifted musicians: his father by bloodline and his mother by life practice." Music does not work that way, how the fuck does that happen. fucking retarded.

Future Spirit

I don't see how this character is important in any way

RP Wise

DKR is a horrible roleplayer so he's terrible, go figure.


DKR is actually a huge faggot. oh wait that should be known by everyone. lol

Lol dis bitch. Only playin' motherfuckin' touhou and video game remixes, thinkin' it's jazz.