A Sheezy Christmas Carol
Release date

Nov 14th, 2009

Scenario Writer

David Sledge Brother


Meta Knight (as Metanezer Scrooge), Jojora and David Sledge Brother (as the narrators)


None (in the traditional sense that is).

A Sheezy Christmas Carol was the Christmas sub-plot written by David Sledge Brother.  Unlike other plots, this one had the characters all literally act out the parts an officially published literary work; (Charles Dickens's "Christmas Carol" to be precise).

A segment of this story cameoed in Tis the Season for Ultimate Despair when Meta Knight is watching TV. In this appearance the ending continues only to be halted by Kanye West.


The story begins with David Sledge Brother and Jojora selling apples on a busy street.  Jojora turns toward the audience and announces that she will be the one to tell the story of "A Sheezy Christmas Carol".  David gets a little perplexed by this, but Jojora convinces David to go along with it.  Metanezer Scrooge walks by and David and Jojora follow him to his counting house.  After Scrooge discusses a few things with his employees, Master Fred drops in for a visit.  Fred invites his uncle Scrooge to come over to his place for Christmas Dinner and celebrate his engagement with Clara.  Metanezer promptly refuses and Fred takes his leave.  Mario and Princess Peach drop in immediately afterwords, stating that they were representing the Order of Joshica Charity Donation.  Mario and Peach persist on having Metanezer offer a donation to the poor, but Scrooge gives them the boot instead.  Evening comes and Metanezer Scrooge is set to go home, but is halted by Kam Crachett who asks for the day off tomorrow.  Scrooge grudgingly allows Kam to have the day off tomorrow and everyone goes home.

Metanezer Scrooge makes it to his cold and solitary house.  Once Metanezer reaches the front door, the knocker takes the shape of the head of Scrooge's former (and currently dead) business partner, Jacob Marl-Ed-De.  Scrooge was perplexed by the sight, but once the image of Marl-Ed-De vanished and the world became as it should've been.  Metanezer went into the house, but he became wary due to the incident with the door knocker.  So he conducted a search for anything suspicious.  Scrooge eventually came across the ghost of Jacob Marl-Ed-De.  Jacob explains that Scrooge would be visited by three other ghosts whose messages could lead to Scrooge's salvation.  Metanezer took Marl-Ed-De's warning in a joking manner, but a ghostly congregation of sinners that appeared outside the window terrified Scrooge into believing Marl-Ed-De.

When the clock struck "One" that night, the Ghost of Christmas Past appears in Scrooge's room.  The ghosts beckons Metanezer to come with her on a trip to the past.  David and Jojora managed to hitch a ride with Christmas Past too.  The four of them had been taken to Scrooge's childhood neighborhood.  Christmas Past takes Scrooge into his old schoolhouse where Scrooge saw his younger self working on his studies alone.  Christmas Past skips time ahead a few years, to the time where Scrooge had finally graduated.  Headmaster Kamina is shown giving Scrooges younger self a speech about today being the day that Scrooge would be entering the business world.  The speech was interrupted when a sneeze from David broke a shelf.  Christmas Past takes the oppritunity to take Metanezer Scrooge to The Yakkowig Family Gag Gift Shop, which was where Scrooge had his first job.  Yakkowig and his siblings, Dot and Wakko, were throwing their Annual Christmas Party, which is basically considered the major cameo-fest of the whole story.  As the party went on,  the Warner Siblings come across Mikubelle.  Yakkowig and Wakko ask Mikubelle out, but the young Metanezer Scrooge steps in to state Mikubelle was his.

Christmas Past then takes Metanezer Scrooge to his counting on the day that he and Mikubelle broke up.  Mikubelle was wondering when Scrooge would propose to her.  Scrooge's younger self explains that profits hadn't been good enough to spend on wedding arrangements and Jacob Marl-Ed-De steps in; adding insult to injury by stating that Mikubelle's hadn't paid the rent and that she would have to be evicted from Jacob's tenant house.  Mikubelle leaves in tears and Christmas Past sends Scrooge back to his bedroom.

Later that night, Scrooge hears a knock on his front door.  He answers it and finds Putinmo Flobter at the front door with a special delivery for Scrooge.  Metanezer opens the package and the Ghost of Christmas Present jumps out.  David comments that the Ghost's idea to come in the form of a surprise package was such a horrible pun (and gets pelted by a snowball afterwords).  Christmas Present takes Metanezer Scrooge to the house of Master Fred.  Fred was holding his little Christmas Party with some of the cast members from the Sky Island comics and his bride-to-be, Clara.

Next, Christmas Present takes Scrooge to the Cratchetts' house.  Laura Cratchett had just finished preparing Christmas Dinner as Kam makes it home.  Kam shows his family a little white creature that he came to call as "Tiny Tim".  The Cratchetts agree to keep Tiny Tim as a pet and eat their dinner.  The Ghost of Christmas get concerned about the state of Tiny Tim, and states that Tiny might not be long for this world.

Everything around the Ghost and Metanezer Scrooge becomes black.  Christmas Present shows Scrooge a treasure chest that contained two ghastly-looking reptilian children know as "Ignorance" and "Want".  Christmas Presents explains how Ignorance and Want have been denied the necessities of life and he disappears with the two kids into the darkness.

A figure concealed with a dark purple cloak appears before Scrooge immediately after Christmas Present vanished.  Scrooge figured that the specter before him was the Ghost of Christmas Future.  The Ghost clears the darkness away by waving it's cane around, revealing a rainy street.  Several people are seen walking across the street while talking about someone who had died recently.  The curious thing was that not a soul acted as if they regretted that the nameless man in question had died.  Christmas Future turns Scrooge's attention to a pawn shop, where Captain Syrup, Marisa Kirisama, and DaRoach are seen selling the dead man's belongings to the shop owner.  Afterwords, the Ghost takes Scrooge to the cemetery.  The Cratchett Family is walking up to an empty grave plot.  Kam puts a shoe box containing the dead body of Tiny Tim into the grave plot.  The Cratchett say a few words on Tim's behalf and leave.  Christmas Past points its cane at a tombstone being obstructed by a tall patch of grass.  Scrooge parts the grass away to reveal that the grave was his own.  Metanezer Scrooge turns back at Christmas Future who has removed its cloak to reveal itself to be Rin Kaenbyou.  A fiery pit opens up in the ground and Rin tosses Scrooge down into the pit.

Suddenly, Scrooge finds himself on the floor of his bedroom.  The spirits had clearly given Scrooge a second chance.  He looks out the window to see IWB the Kid standing on the street.  Scrooge tells the Kid to buy the prize-winner turkey at the grocery store and deliver it to the Cratchett House.  He tosses the Kid some money to buy the turkey with.  The Kid get bonked on the head with the sack and drops dead (but the kid respawns hilmself anyway).  Scrooge then sets off to the Cratchett's House.  On his way, Metanezer Scrooge bumps into Mario and Peach (in which he donates 200 gold coins to); then Scrooge meets Fred and Clara to congratulate them on getting married.  Once Scrooge makes it to the Cratchett House, he apologizes to Kam by giving him a pay raise and promising to pay off the mortgage for the house.  As an added kindly gesture, Scrooge give the Cratchetts Tiny Tim to be their family pet.  Meanwhile, the Ghosts congratulate each other on a job well done while Ignorance and Want take their leave.  Count Bleck approaches Rin Kaenbyou and demands the return of his cane.  Ignorance and Want get spotted by Elmyra Duff and run away from her.