One of the "Bad Idea Accounts," what is it, more or less a ghost. It's actually more like a walking/floating nightmare, pretty much once you meet it or when it comes in contact with you, you're in a dream/nightmare already.

When you enter its world, all you can do is wait to wake up.

RP History Edit

As of right now, I'm not quite sure it has a history, but it already caused pretty alright nightmares on quite a few people. Some people more then once, and some peoples nightmares were even linked together with another persons nightmare that would cause great stress to all those involved.

It caused for a sort while, more like a day, three or so to be more or less terrified for that day.

Those its given nightmares to: Edit

Shadeki [x2]
Ikuga [x2]
Amami Serizawa
Eduard Von Bock
Torchman DRN 007
Blyster Agnius
Kebin the Arbiter
Xero Kaine
General Dahlia [x2]
Shin Akuma
Rhoswen Danu
shy guy
Splashwoman DRN O67
Quickman DWN 012
jack wilkinson
and more to come.

I may be forgetting some one or two, I can't always keep track of these things.

Outgoing links: Edit
After effects of the nightmares[journals]