Absol, Though he disappears from time to time, he always comes back wiser then he was before

Rp HistoryEdit

He originally came in the week of Thanksgiving, when The Rocket grunt and Giovanni showed up. He was a very quiet Pokemon, who PMS'd Mourned over his ability to predict weather because people think Absol's "Cause natural disasters" . But thanks to his brief partnership with Nate DeSa, he has learned to accept his abilities, and hone his skills on knowledge.

Post timeskip, his longevity was made apparent as he was in mid-life [who knows?] and an unknown person put a fake gravestone, and made everyone assumed he died, when simply he got lost in the forrest while trying to go to the bathroom or something AH who knows, old people things

Which caused one of the Biggest "Oh shit"'s that this article writer has ever seen, bringing out a demon known as "Zalgas" which took his form, and his mate blinded by love, fell for it, hurhur, Demon hugger.

then came the reverse, everyone was happy, except for absol who found out his mate alligned with rocket, soon after "Left on a journy" It is unknown weather he had gained any levels or fighting expearence, but as the title says, he has grown very wise over this, chooseing peace over war and knowledge over power.

He is intended to be "The peaceful voice" of the Pokemon; giving his wise words of wisdom when they are needed, or when he feels them needed

Onslow? Nataline...?Edit

Probably more foreshadowing, but recently he has told a story, about an evil Houndoom, Named Onslow, who had understandable reasons, and a story of his old friend Nataline.....

And onslow is one hell of a playah

Knight in white fur.Edit

As it says on the tin; he was able to find vaporeon's location, by simply walking up to Trevor and asking her where she was so he could peacefully retrieve her

And so with the aid of the famous diggers` society he was able to get to where she was being held with the aid of Bola and Galaxy, was able to save her


Where did he go?Edit


Well, he seemed to have just up and disappeared, along with vaporeon, but it's speculated by vaporeons sister, Jolteon that;

They went into the mountains and made babies.


  • Absol is one of the only pokemon to ever talk peace. [to offhand knowledge]
  • Other then that, he is one of the only pokemon on SA to not be able to evolve, or evolve from or into another pokemon so far.
  • He tends to use similies when he speaks, and ellipsis points, His partner understands NADA of it (Not that he understands anything anyway)
  • As Nate points out, both his partners had a name that could be shortened to "Nate" and they where both spiky electric users