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Ice Spirit/Vampiress

Amy is part of a series of Mario-series related fan characters created by David Sledge Brother to serve as an extended family for Jojora.  She is the older sister of Dora.

Character HistoryEdit

Amy and her sister used to live with a large family of Ice Spirits in Joke's End, but the family had been scattered due to an invasion of poachers (see Dora for more information).  While Dora and Amy were being raised as vampires under their adoptive mother, Temperance, Amy drank up the blood of a rabid weasel; when eventually caused her to develop the demented personality that she is now known to have.  Dora and Amy eventually found some of their cousins long after Temperance's game had ended.  The group of cousins formed a band called "Jasmine and the Snowdrifts", which has now been broken up.

RP HistoryEdit

Amy and Dora first appeared in Koopas in Space, where they served as a constant pestilence towards the Koopalings.  The two Ice Vampires were also in Minuet Waltz.  During the wedding service, Amy went berserk after being nearly sucked up by Dust Man DWN 030.  Nearly all of the wedding attendants tried to get Amy to calm down, but her unnatural strength proved too much for them to handle.  However, Amy was finally beaten by Shadow Man (and Quick Man's) stealth.


Amy was first depicted as being somewhat childish and prone to voilent fits when she didn't get her way. As time went on, her character had been dumbed down to the point where she became outright stupid. She has a habit of trying to attack people out of the blood in attempt to drink their blood.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dora weilds various forms of Ice-related attacks, icluding the ability to fire a plethora of prismatic Ice Shards and toss Thwomps made of Ice.

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