Anemone Sorel
Tsundere Pink haired girl






Anime Origins Edit

Anemone Sorel, in the Anime Eureka seven was an Orphan girl who was found, and used as one of many girls experimented on to create an Artificial Coralian. She was special due to her resistance to a certain drug beneficial to her usefulness. Due to these Experiments, and the drug itself. Her persona has become one that is somewhat bipolar, going between bouts of giddy, almost reckless joy on the drug, to fits of depression and anger when not using the drug.

SARP Persona Edit

On SARP, Anemone seems more the reverse of how Eureka acts, generally more carefree, and with a somewhat mischievous persona, and not so anal about details. She's been painted as the Wario to Eureka's Mario. Slighty more Greed driven, but with an obsession with Jam.

Despite being a member of the League of Meta Knights, her investment in their affairs is generally very little, as she views that group as an ATM of sorts.