Ansem the Wise is the sage-king of Radiant Garden. In order to protect his people from the darkness, he spent much of his time studying the heart with his six apprentices, but was eventually exiled to the Realm of Nothingness when they were corrupted by that same darkness. He himself gained dark powers and renamed himself DiZ and set out on a quest to avenge himself against his apprentices.

Entrance into the RPEdit

Ansem slithered into the RP rather quietly at first, until noticed by Io Lillis and Vice Stigma. He died shortly after and was brought back by Io Lillis. After almost 2 months, during Ragnarok, Ansem fell sick. After almost a week of hoarse coughing and despairing journals, Ansem entered a sickness-induced coma for approximately 2 days. When he awoke, he was the new "evil" Ansem. Since then he has never been involved too deeply into RP scenarios, often just wandering around bothering different people, much like Rafael Castello. Ansem turned from a respectable professor into a giant poofter. Often using homosexual innuendos and childish jokes alongside Tomis Tel Aviv for humor.

He is currently with Lyuu.

He died again at the hands of Zoltan the Magyar on September 5th, 2010. It is unknown if he will return.



Ansem is easily recognized by his extremely long silver hair, piercing yellow eyes and tanned skin. These aspects are often made fun of by Woif and Portgas D Ace. Ansem is around average height, reaching about 6"1.

Other formsEdit

Following the Kingdom Hearts storyline, Ansem has several forms. His first form; the old man, his current form, and his demon form. His demon form has not been seen by the RP as of yet.

Weaponry and DefencesEdit

The SwordEdit

Ansem's primary weapon. The sword is unusually bright red, shaped like a barbed key. Engraved on one side of the blade is "Oblivion", and on the other is "Rebirth". Unusually he is often seen holding it in combat, as he never really uses it for offensive purposes.

Shadow ThornsEdit

Again staying on the Kingdom Hearts storyline, Ansem can summon transparent, grey thorns out of nothing. He often uses these to bind, whip or defend against enemy attacks.


Ansem can summon fireballs at will to be used as projectiles against his opponent. This ability was given to him by Drichen Aduur when she passed on a vial of dragonfire to him. He can only use this when he has the vial in his possession. When taken away it renders the spell useless.

Protective ShieldEdit

Ansem can summon a protective shield to render him invincible for a short time ONLY. He has only ever used this ability once when engaged in combat with Vice Stigma . This ability was passed onto him from Io Lillis, she spiritually passed a portion of her magic onto him. Ansem honed and built it into a working spell.

Summon HeartlessEdit

This is Ansem's strongest and hardest spell to use. Ansem can only use this when angered to an extreme level. When angered, Ansem's body erupts, turning him into a large beast made entirely of shadow. This is again, holding true to the Kingdom Hearts storyline. Ansem has only seen this from twice, and never wishes to again.


  • Ansem has an unusual infatuation for Io Lillis' cooking, often reverting to a child-like state in order to get the tasty treats.
  • Ansem's friends. While it seems Ansem cares nothing for nobody, Ansem sets aside a special place in his heart for his circle of friends. He would give his life (and has done in the past) for them.
  • Women. They distract his attention too much.