Aoife FayeEdit

Healer for the mad man, since that's the only sort of characters that come to her for healing.

Aoife pin up

Yes, those are antennae.

What is she?Edit

Aoife Faye is a "witch, mage, druid, or whatever you want to call one who practices magickry." She mostly draws ritual circles that allow her to perform a spell. As time wears on, though, she becomes more and more able to summon the ritual circles by either saying the the spells name or by just simply thinking about it.
She has invented several ritual circles that were used for special occasions. For example, she invented a ritual that could locate areas that were abundant in different ores while helping Moddex with the construction of The Ark of Time.
As far as her race goes, she is not entirely sure what she is. She sometimes refers to herself as a "beast", and the only one of her kind.


So far, information has been released that Faye is going through a Transformation that will eventually turn her into a "Council beast".

There is phases of the Transformation in which, once Aoife has reached the maximum amount of healing power that can be used in that phrase, will alter her appearance. Phase 1 simply brought about markings on Faye's arms and face. Phase 2 made those markings glow.

At the moment, though, Faye has failed to announce which phase she is currently in. The change in her appearance that resulted from the current phrase was a change in the markings, the black skin on her hands has now crept up the shoulder of her arms, horns grew out from her head, and odd growths have now broke out from her shoulders and elbows. Her hair is also short, now, but that seems unrelated to her transformation.

RP HistoryEdit

Because she is actually somewhat of a new character, having entered the SARP back in April 2010, she has a somewhat short history.


  • She loves Peppermint Tea.
  • Dislikes liars.
  • She does not like her hands and will occasionally complain about it.
  • Her favorite animals are birds. Not a really important detail, but it does have something to do with her "pet" Lorcan Feather.
  • Likes the color red. She is pretty much always seen wearing any sort of clothing that is red or has red on it.
  • Disappears sometimes to go train.
  • She always agrees with Vice Stigma 's theory of love.