The SARP was not always as it is now. From its humble beginnings, it has changed rather drastically.


In the year 2008, the infamous Giygas had been found suit on Sheezyart. Soon following suit, not a few days later, were Claus and Porky, two other "Big Bads" of the MOTHER series, as well as Giygas Zero/Giegue, the "child" form of Giygas.

Plotting against them was Doctor Trevor Roberts known then as Trevor Robotnik, in his endless quest to rule the world. Giygas and Porky had fallen silent as Giygas Zero declared war on Roberts.

As Roberts' army grew, Claus was left alone on the battlefield. The Cosmic Destroyers at hand, he began recruiting soldiers, Pigmasks and Starmen of his own, leading the army against Roberts' forces.

Enter Meta Knight and other Nintendo characters such as King De De De and Daroach. These characters became Claus's back-up as the war went from "Cosmic Destroyers vs. Roberts" to all of Nintendo verses Roberts.

The war raged, Giygas Zero returned. Claus was already regarded as head honcho, and the once-leader was ignored.

At a near end, the villain later to be considered a massive threat in a plot to come, Kefka, made a brief entrance as a partner to Roberts. It was not long before he, like Giygas and Porky fell inactive.

Within time, Roberts surrendered (Although insisting his victory) and the Nintendo characters were victorious.

Beginning CharactersEdit

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Interesting factsEdit

  • Once head honcho Claus has obviously stopped caring since this point.
  • This was the first plot. ((Duh))
  • Only about 25% of RPers still know this plot.

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