Bjomolf (Byo-molf

) is a Worg recently showing himself to the Sheezy world when following the scent of one of his favorite p


eople Woif. Generally quick tempered, he finds comfort in female companionship or someone he feels needs his protection. He keeps a hole in the ground filled with the ripped limbs of the undead rogue he follows.


Bjomolf once lived in a place called Azeroth with his master Saldorin. His master wasn't the sharpest sword, so from the day they met he made sure to protect her and guide her in the right direction. From hanging around her, he came across the undead rogue known as Woif. With this being constantly annoying him and his master, he came into the habit of stealing the rogue's limbs every time Bjomolf's temper turned short. He would take the stolen body parts and bury them in a hole behind their current residence, and eventually the wolf began to grow a collection of limbs that Woif would keep replacing.

The worg's bitterness finally got to him one day. Saldorin had met someone and had fallen in love, leaving Bjomolf's job seemingly useless since this new character had intruded in their life. After finding out his master had shared relations with her lover, the wolf went into a fit of rage and attacked this man that had deflowered his innocent owner. He failed to finish the job due to his master's interferance and instead of dealing with the two, he took his leave and seemed to vanish off the face of Azeroth.


Bjomolf traveled for months, wandering aimlessly before a scent he could remember caught his nose. The stench was that of the undead rogue he had previously known, and longing for any contact at all, he continued to follow the scent to where ever it led. Not sure where he has ended up, he mostly stays around Woif, partaking in his favorite past time of stealing his limbs and burying them in a mound of dirt, having to restart his collection.


He holds no major roles at the time.


(( Bjomolf originated in the game World of Warcraft as an NPC needed to be slain for a quest. Since he serves no real huge purpose in the game other then quest completion and is tameable, I took him from the game and molded him into a character of my own.

Other then that, Bjomolf is Blizzard's character. ))

(( I am retarded and can't spell or figure Wiki out so if anyone finds errors, feel free to edit for me. ))