Blitzgirl 001 came to be out of a 3am idea and a bad joke that got out of hand. Originally a joke account, it's creator Leonid continued to be more and more active until it has become a full-fledged account of it's own. "Daughter" of Tidus of Zanarkand and Burnerman DRL1 through some mysterious means that has never been completely explained.

Character HistoryEdit

A cybernetic girl made out of broken dreams and half-eaten ice cream.

RP HistoryEdit

Her first appearance was when she began randomly attacking other Robot Masters with magnets and laughing at the errors this caused. She also placed magnets on her own helmet further lowering her overall intellect. She has a love of alcohol at a very young age and is prone to drunken binges. Her arrival also spawned a following of other "children": Hard Burner Boy 002 and Hard Burner Toaster 003.

A mysterious box found by Seth Harless contained a man's spirit known as Jericho who possessed Blitz and rewired her brain making her function more properly. During this possession her body was upgraded to that of a grown woman and she was re-dubbed Harbinger 148. It was during this time that she destroyed several buildings searching for something. Through what she will only call a "Time Paradox", she came back with her son Inquisiblitz. It has not been revealed how he came to be yet but he claims to be the child of her and Inquisikid.

Not long after returning with the future version of her child, she was returned to normal by the Silver Shinobi who rebooted her system. While still keeping her upgraded body, her mind is back to the closest thing to normal she possesses. Perhaps soon the "Time Paradox" will be explained.


  • Says Mareep and Sheepman are her best friends.
  • Calls Silver Shinobi her uncle.
  • Likes to sing nonsense songs.
  • Can hold her alcohol better than most grown men.
  • Is scared of marshmallows.
  • Has a crush on someone.