King Bowser Koopa's youngest child and 7th son. Favored by his father more than the other siblings, probably because Bowser Jr. follows his father's dreams, making them very much alike in personality. In most of Bowser Jr.'s debuts, he accompanies his father, which could also mean a better Father-Child relationship than the other Koopalings.

Bowser Junior
"I know, she's not really my mama."




Koopa Kingdom



Bowser Junior Background Edit

Very witty, childish, and quick on his feet, Bowser Jr. is probably one of the most popular of Bowser's eight children. Despite being the youngest, he treats his older siblings like weaklings, ordering them around and taking command when his father isn't around. He is somewhat powerful, but not as much as Bowser, his speed makes up for his lack of strength. He wishes to be the King of the Koopas someday, thus continuing Bowser's role.

Not only is Bowser Jr. very bratty, but he is also quite artistic. His first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine proves this, showing that he disguises himself as Mario and carries around a large paintbrush made by Professor E. Gadd (The same scientist that made the Poltergust 3000 in Luigi's Mansion). With this paintbrush, Bowser Jr. slathers popular tourist spots of Isle Delfino with thick, sticky, colourful goop. His clever Mario disguise is what gets Mario thrown in jail and under strict surveillance in Isle Delfino.

Nowadays, Bowser Jr. is still helping his father kidnap Princess Peach and defeat Mario.

Role Play Information Edit

Bowser Junior was created February 14th, 2009 by SheezyArt user Advance. After a while, the account had been abandoned and taken up by SheezyArt user Buttered Toast on July 27th, 2009. Not much activity has happened since the beginning of Bowser Jr.'s account creation, thus making him a minor character.

Bowser Jr. has made a small cameo in Wish/Libera Timeskip, but has made a major debut in Koopas in Space. In the story Koopas in Space, Bowser Jr. wanted to destroy the Comet Observatory and steal Rosalina's Lumas. Unfortunately, an unexpected run-in with Space Bikers foiled his plans and got him a well deserved (I think) kick in the face by Rosalina.

Now that everything has currently has gone through a 25-year time skip, Bowser Jr. is now King of the Koopas. He is planning on causing some trouble in the near future, just to stir up another story.

Facts Edit

  • Although he hates getting hugs, he's been hugged an awful lot.
  • He despises Ludwig more than his other siblings, which is why he tries to pick on him the most (SeeBowser Junior Teaches Ludwig How to Be Cool ).
  • He likes to pull pranks. A lot.
  • He was going to bash Splashwoman's wedding with Marx.
  • He insults people often, even if is argument is defeated.

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