A Captain of the League of Meta Knights



Nowhere Islands



The once Head Honcho of the RP, now just a basic Captain of The League of Metaknights. Known to go on vacations a lot.

Character StoryEdit

Claus, twin brother to Brawl fighter and MOTHER 3 protagonist Lucas is his own game's antagonist. Killed by a mechanized Drago created by Porky as he tried avenging his mother's death with a homemade knife, Claus himself is turned into a mechanical soldier, the Masked Man, for the Pigmask army, which serves under Porky himself. Like his brother, he too knows PSI. His most notable attacks are PK LOVE and PK Thunder.

RP HistoryEdit


Claus was a basic joke account that his puppeteer, Cray, used for *Stare*-ing at people. At some point she got bored of that and made him start talking, as sloppily as it was.

Actual RP stuff

Being one of the original accounts used for the actual "plot", Claus is a bit different from the more recent accounts. He doesn't care much anymore, when in the past, he was a righteous leader. On occasion, he will up and take charge, as during NAITO Yume Nikki, but usually, he's just on one of his numerous vacations.


  • Claus was a main contributor to the beginnings of the RP
  • He has an odd, inexplicable for the most part, rivalry against Daroach
  • He has a speech impediment and is noted most for stammering and slurring. Possibly due to a malfunction.
  • His favorite food is omelets.

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