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Crash Man ( クラッシュマン Kurasshuman, Clashman in Japan) was built by Dr. Wily to withstand explosions. He has high agility and enhanced armor allowing him use of the heavy duty Crash Bomber, but is weak to the Air Shooter due to the fact that when he jumps, the Air Shooter can knock him off balance(Though it can be speculated that it blows his bombs back at him, he is explictly said to be armored from the explosions). He appears to be an enhanced version of Bomb Man.

Crash Man's name has been the subject of controversy. It could be translated as Crash Man OR Clash Man. Japanese has a rhotic /l/; there is no way (save context) to discern what letter (of l and r) is intended.

At the StartEdit

When Crashman first came, he often complained of being left behind by the other Robot Masters because of his sexual orientation. Everyone made fun of him for his strange attraction to Megaman.

Go0d n1GhT With a Little Bit of ClusterfuckEdit

Crashman totally got owned by Bowser and got man-made white liquid poured all over him, shutting down his system(now that's GOT to be an innuendo). All was fine and dandy when Laura DeSa showed up to fix him. THEN SUDDENLY (dun dun dun) Gorgutz showed up and a shit load of things started happening and the journal turned into a fucking huge clusterfuck of 'I don't know what the fuck is happening anymore'. Like seriously, as soon as he showed up, everything went to hell and back and back to hell again.

After That Big MessEdit

Crashman was apparently fixed but he reverted back to his primary function which was to aid Dr.Wily in world domination and to cause destruction. None of the Robot Masters like this so they decided to try and fix Crashman. Refusing all help from his 'family', he ended up going crazy while bitching and moaning about how everyone was malfunctioning and yadda yadda. Dr.Wily soon came and Crashman was filled with glee. After a bunch of touching moments of Crashman remembering his lovely gay self, his crazy personality disappeared and he became straight.

Butt BuddyEdit

The user Pimp Hollystika and Crashman are to quote "BESTEST BUTT BUDDIES FO LIEF YO!" and "BFFS FO LIEF MANG!".

Also apparently Pimp Hollystika is pregnant with Crashman's child. lolwut?

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