Unit 001




Mystic Ruins, Republic of Mobius, Mobius. 2109 C.E



Miles William Prower (alternatively Tails and Cy-Fox) is a temporally dislocated anthropomorph from an alternate 22nd century, claiming to come from a planet called Mobius. A child prodigy in his early life, he was fused with cybernetic prosthetics and a special armor suit by his reality's Moddex Everest after nearly being killed by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik during a psychotic episode after helping him topple of a totalitarian nation known as the Kingdom of Acorn. Equipped with a special chronometric drive that serves as a secondary core for his vital systems, Miles was shifted from his reality to this one, after the Ragnarok event. He appeared in front of the other Moddex's old workshop and was sighted by him. Initially confused and skeptical about why this Moddex did not recognize him, the other fox helped him put the pieces together. The two have decided to work together in helping each other return to their respective realities.

As Miles was Moddex Prime's peer, he has an intricate understanding of both conventional 22nd century and Runelogical Era sciences. He is also adept at combat, having been rebuilt specifically to be able to defend himself against opponents made of flesh, steel or in some cases, both.


He appears to be a humanoid orange fox. He is often wearing his armor suit, though he can adapt (but prefers not to because of the vulnerability it presents) to regular clothing.

Trivial InformationEdit

  • His computer system, while being of a 22nd century design, seems to display output in verbose text like an MS-DOS or UNIX based system. This is influenced by the 1987 movie RoboCop.