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Master Thief and Kirby Representative






A strange and incompetent thief, Daroach is a former Captain (now Kirby Representative) of the The League of Metaknights. Known to be one sexy kleptomaniac.

Character StoryEdit

Daroach was a main villain in the game Kirby Squeak Squad, and the leader of a pack of mice thieves known as the Squeak Squad. Daroach stole Kirby's cake, sending Kirby on a huge adventure to get it back. His abilities include teleporting, shooting ice beams, and throwing large bombs at enemies.

RP HistoryEdit

Daroach was never a very prominent character in the RP, always opting to go off in his own little world, and not pay the actual plot at hand any mind. He's a side character, mostly used for comic relief with his comics that chronicle what goes on in his life. He's not very bright, and tends to forget what he was doing while he was doing it. Daroach is a self-proclaimed "Master Thief", despite the fact most of his stolen items are merely an impulse brought on by his kleptomania, and are therefore not worth very much, along with the fact he never really cares where his treasure goes as long as he's stolen it.


  • Daroach is known to be a ladies man, his "ladies" being some hastily pasted-in pictures of women from Google image search, although when called out on it, will always be denied.
  • Daroach's confidence leaves him whenever his hat is stolen, rendering him unable to steal.
  • Daroach has a long-standing rivalry with Claus, seemingly brought upon when Claus ruined Daroach's first "heist" (he took the last cookie from a cookie jar). Despite this rivalry with Claus, Daroach never seems to remember his name, usually referring to him as Ghost Rider.
  • Daroach, as mentioned above, doesn't steal things to keep them, just to say that he did. He has room-filling piles of assorted items, usually organized in terms of shininess.

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