Doctor Facilier
Dr Facilier
"I've got friends on the Other Side"



New Orleans


His "Friends" From The Other Side, His Shadow



Doctor Facilier is the main antagonist in the 2009 film, The Princess and the Frog. Sinister and charismatic, he is a voodoo bokor of dark magic that turns Naveen into a frog, and schemes to use this advantage to take over New Orleans, and become the richest man in the town. Keith David, the voice of Facilier, describes Facilier as a schemer, a conjurer and a sorcerer of sorts. He has a song in the movie called "Friends on the Other Side". Like his polar opposite, Mama Odie the voodoo priestess, who serves as the film's fairy godmother, Facilier serves as the film's witch (witch doctor). Doctor Facilier personifies the Deadly Sin of Greed and Gluttony, for his desire for money and power, despite that his motives of wickedness are only for his "Friends from the Other Side"

RP HistoryEdit

Dr. Facilier had shown up in early March 2010. During his arrival, he gave quite a handful of curious wanders demonstrations of his Voodoo magic. The aftermath of these early demonstrations seemed pretty harmless (yet weird). However, as time went on, a more sinister plot had arised with Dr. Facilier's presence. Blade Man's being turned into a human baby and Prometheus getting stripped of his Megamerge form had resulted in Maverick Dynamo being granted the abilities of Prometheus and Blade Man. Dynamo was then ordered by Facilier to go on a killing spree as part of the deal for granting the Maverick's new powers. However, Dynamo was stopped by Sir Blade Wolf and Dynamo was forced to give the powers he had been back to their rightful owners.

After that mess, Dr. Facilier managed to get a hold of Doctor Wily and put him under mind control by tricking him into drink a magic potion. Under Facilier's influence, Dr. Wily was forced to help Trevor Roberts to build a Doomsday device. Galaxy Man tried to shut down the device, but the failsafe in it was too sophisticated to hack into. Therefore, the UFO Robot Master was forced to confront Dr. Facilier directly (Torrent Girl and DingChevaz tried to help too). Galaxy managed to swipe Facilier's amulet away from him and smashed it. With the amulet destroyed, all the curses that Dr. Facilier had put on everyone became undone and was dragged down to Hell.

Doctor Facilier's VictimsEdit


  • He's had the most plot involvement of any non-Japanese anime cartoon character in the RP
  • It's possible that Doctor Facilier's arrival was jinxed by Iggy Koopa who was pondering about another witch doctor that had been around a few months earlier.
  • Is, surprisingly, played by none other than The Mad Scientist (AKA: Trevor Roberts).