Doctor Wily
"Gha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm a genius!!"






Doctor Albert W. Wily is the main antagonist of the original Mega Man series, appearing in every game as the antagonist but not necessarily as the final boss. In the Mega Man series, Wily resembles a stereotypical mad scientist as he schemes to take over the world, creating several robots to help him. Though Wily's schemes were stopped time and time again, this did not stop him from being recorded in history as a legendary mad scientist, his legacy continuing even into the next century.

RP HistoryEdit

Before Dr. Wily made his debut in the RP, his Robot Masters had been deprogrammed from him and began to swarm WhereevertheheckSARPtakesplace beginning in late August/early September.  The mad genius finally showed himself and made an attempt to reclaim the Robot Masters and reprogram them to do his evil bidding.  However, Wily's plans had been foiled mostly do to the fact that another scientific mind still had plans of her own to get underway that involved an aquatic Light creation.  Dr. Wily left with his pride shot and vowed that he would one day return...

...That day just happened to be the day of Quick Man and Splash Woman's wedding.  Dr. Wily bursts through the chapel doors and caused mayhem and destruction in his campaign to stop the "unholy union".  Nearly all the wedding patrons ganged up on Dr. Wily in an attempt to get rid of him, but it was Shin Akuma who managed to send Wily packing.

It had been revealed in "Minuet Waltz" that Doctor Wily was the creator of the robot girl, Minuet.  However, Minuet had escaped from Wily while "undergoing 'training' with Commando Man and Sheep Man".  Wily had ordered Bass to capture Minuet so that he could give her a "little attitude adjustment".  Bass grudgingly kidnapped Minuet during Flashman RM 014 and Jojora's wedding.  When Wily and Bass crossed paths, Bass went back on his word and came close to having Minuet destroyed.  Minuet managed to get away from Wily and Bass while the two were busy fighting each other.  The exact details of what happened to Dr. Wily in the aftermath of "Minuet Waltz", but it's quite likely that Bass had sent Wily packing.

Wily had barged in on Doctor Facilier when he found out the news about Blade Man being turned into a human baby and demanded to have Blade Man turned back to normal. Facilier instead made Wily sit down for a cup of tea and attempted to persuade Wily into helping with his goals for world domination. Dr. Wily turned down the offer and attempted to leave, but Facilier put a hex over Wily and forced him to assist Trevor Roberts build a Doomsday Device. Fortunately, Galaxy Man managed to take out Dr. Facilier before the device had been activated.

In the plot, "The Rise of New Pangati", Wily comes back after a few months of inactivity, seeming to be a much calmer man. Wily tells everyone that he gave up his wishes for world domination and that he was retired from it.During his return, a few number of Robot Masters began to disappear; Torchman, Magnetman, and Metalman.

People began to question their behavior, going to Wily and accusing him of the robots odd behavior, where as he would simply say "Eet's possibly zhat Robotenza zhat has been going around. Reprogramming zhem makes zhem easier to feex. Don't vorry about it." Soon afterward, a few of the Megaman 10 robots contracted the actual Robotenza, and Wily obtained a few more robots for his ranks.

After losing a few bots, gaining a large number more, and a few weeks of downtime, many people began to smell a disgusting odor in the air, but many dismissed it.

However, General Dahlia knew this smell. It was the faint smell of a very toxic gas. The very gas that resides in her war-torn land.



  • Dr. Wily is one of the few characters in the RP in which multiple accounts have been made of.  AndyXP's portrayal of Dr. Wily is considered to be the "right" one.
  • Shin Akuma had revealed that Dr. Wily once had a girlfriend named "Jessica".  According to Akuma, Albert Wily denied Jessica the privilege to marry him when sold the wedding ring for money to build a fortress.
  • AndyXP's portrayal of Dr. Wily had him speak in a stereotypical German accent, similar to the Ruby Spears animated Mega Man series.
  • Later on, AndyXP decided to give away Dr. Wily to user PimpHollystika, who portrays him in the same (or close to it OTL ) way AndyXP did.

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