Dragomira, is a 49, soon to be 50, year old vampire in the and of Promarious. However, she's also the LAST vampire in the land, her brethren either left dead by the holy war against magic or exiled from the country.

For the last 30 years, she has spent her time alone in the Illuminite Woods, the land where the sun never rises. Unable to go back into the city, both due to sunlight and fear for her life, she survives off of bugs and the blood of ghouls and demons. According to her, it's disgusting.

Participation in RPEdit

Relatively new to the RP, Dragomira hasn't done much outside of attempt to steal money or belongings from resident RPers. Being hungry and poor, that's all she's really capable of.

During the problems with Doctor Facilier, she sucked the blood of the paladin Sir Blade Wolfe to remove the curses he had taken on from others. To this day, his holy blood burns her mouth and makes her sick to recall.


  • Dragomira, like most old fashioned vampires, speaks with a Romanian accent. Bela Lugosi would be proud moderately pleased.
  • Despite insisting on preserving her races' honor, she's easy to convince if there's food or money involved as a promise.
  • As her country is left in the 20's-40's time period, technology wise, it's easy to confuse her.
  • Her weaknesses include sunlight, garlic, silver, blessed crosses, the inability to cross flowing water, stakes, and hunger.