Dust Man DWN 030
Dust Man DWN-030
"Don't let me suck up more than I can."






Dust Man is a strange Robot Master with a built in vacuum cleaner, originally used for sanitation. His main method of attack is a bomb encased in scrap metal which launches shrapnel in several directions. He was created by Doctor Mikhail Cossack.

RP HistoryEdit

Dust Man was the first account made in the mid-December Robot Master Trend, yet he was apparently supposed to show up around Halloween.  According to Dust Man, the reason for him not showing up back in October was that Pharaoh Man had clogged him with sand.

Dust Man serves as a joke character in the RP as he tends to suck up people or their personal belongings from time to time (most likely by accident).  He also spits out random junk and dust at odd moments. Although, Dust Man contributed a lot of scrap metal that he found from other people in order to repair Quick Man after being destroyed by Slaanesh.

Dust Man was later seen in Minuet Waltz, where he unwittingly sucked up Amy and caused her to go berserk.


  • In the continuity of the RP, Dust Man's arm cannon is actually functional.  However, it doesn't work properly.
  • Dust Man's speech is punctuated by *snrrrk*'s, hinting that he's congested.
  • He's the least favorite sibling of Skull Man, a fellow DCN series Robot Master, due to being weak to Dust Man's weapon.
  • Crash Man has had issues with Dust Man's "recycling".

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