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Eureka Thurston
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Unknown (Born from the Scub Coral)



Anime Info Edit

The title character from the Anime Series, Eureka seven. A Young artificial girl, created by a sentient scub coral that coats the of the earth itself, the Coralian. The Coralian, in an effort to connect with humanity as humans do, created Eureka and the girl who preceded her, Sakuya. Going from being studied, to being used as a military tool, to being part of the Rebel group, Gekko state, that was created to Protect her. Eureka had remained almost without emotion, or the Comprehension of emotion before meeting the son of the lead scientist who cared for her, Renton Thurston.

RP Info Edit


Two different incarnations of Eureka.

In the RP itself, Eureka tends to be highly emotional, alternating between happy ignorance, and sudden rage over whatever tends to irk her at the moment, perceived or factual, Justified or unjustified. Known more for her role in the League Of Meta Knights Comic than the RP itself.

Eureka played a major role in Party Poopers and Tour de Isle o' Hags.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Eureka, and most of the Eureka Seven RPs were all controlled by more than one user at some point or another.
  • Eureka Tends to be one of the more preachy RP characters
  • Eureka's incarnation at any given time would switch from her appearance from the Early series, her appearance at its conclusion, or some amalgam or both.