The 'Fetch' characters of the SARP are all managed by the same user: WellThen.

These are the cast of main characters as selected my the author/designer of their story:

  • Rhoswen Grace Danu,
  • (St.)"Gear" Victor Brian Danu,
  • Maria Flammel Angeela,
  • Demetri Leone Wytte,
  • Malakai James Wytte
  • Henry Brom-Doyel Danu
  • Gabriel William Danu
  • Spirit Guardian (Maia)

Rhoswen Grace DanuEdit

Rhoswen like the other cast members of 'Fetch' is a Magician. In her world Magicians are feared and beaten at a young age to show them 'where they belong'. Due to this she grew up with and icy facade of a mask that covered up her inner warmth.

  • Weapon(s): Bladed whip and Needles
  • Story: Snow White

(St.) "Gear" Victor Brian DanuEdit

Gear is an out going and crazy guy who loves to interact with people. But- laying beneath that out going exterior is a storm of pent up emotions and dark secrets.

The mechanic was neglected as a young child by more then just the average guard. His parents seem to have barely paid any attention to him at all, causing suicidal thoughts and frequent near death experiences. Despite all of that he seems to pull on with the phrase, "Yesterday doesn't matter, what matters is today and the future."

Recent event have lead him to discover his 'hunger' of being a "Saint" (which so happens to be a term for a vampire).

  • Weapon: Hammer
  • Story: Little Red Riding Hood

--NEW--: Something seems to be happening to Gear to cause him to withdraw inside of himself.

Maria Flammel AngeelaEdit

Maria is a "Hunter". By serving under Cerruno, as Rhoswen serves under Danu, she has learned to fight with grace and beauty but deadly accuracy. But, due to her lack of moral understanding and her "fighting to kill" style, she thinks herself a beast.

Maria is not only a hunter, but she is also a handmaiden to her god. Unlike other places, in her world they enjoy being close and personal with their subjects on many different levels.

  • Weapon: Dual Fans
  • Story: Beauty and the Beast

Demetri Leon WytteEdit

Demetri is a gentle person at heart, but has become screwed up thanks to many contributing factors. His eyes seem to always be completely black voids unless he is lucid. During his lucid moments he has a tendency to be a 'velvet covered iron fist'. Some say this is due to the fact that he and his brother were trained to become leaders after the incident that lead to them both getting adopted.

Demetri's powers cause him a great deal of pain an he seems to struggle with them daily. When someone is around him he sees bits and pieces of their past constantly and almost looses himself within it.

Like his coven brother, Gear seems to murmur some of the same things when he sleeps. When asked he claims to never remember anything from the dreams, but seems to know the reason behind a great number of Demetri's attacks.

For unknown reasons Demetri is Deathly afraid of Malakai.

  • Weapon: Chain
  • Story: Sleeping Beauty

Malakai James WytteEdit

Malakai is...or rather WAS Rhoswen's betrothed. Demetri had set up the union when he was having one of his lucid moments. Unlike Rhoswen, Malakai seemed to have strong feelings toward their engagement and desired nothing more then to see her happy.

He seems to side with his brother, though is never seen closer to him then 10 feet.

Rumors say he has an attitude underneath all his 'gentle' nature.

  • Weapon: Cane
  • Story: Swan Princess(Prince)

Henry Brom-Doyle DanuEdit

  • Weapon: Axes and Clevers
  • Story: Woodsman and Death's Godson