One of the seven Eons in the SARP. According to most, she is by far the best.

Rp historyEdit

Flareon was the 2nd to last of the Eons to come into the RP.

She's quite easy to enrage. Close to nothing can upset her, and she refuses to give up on anything she sets her mind to.

The most famous plot involvement Flareon is known for is the Demon plot (which the puppeteer can also agree was so drama-filled and was rather disliked). Flareon's sister Jolteon released a demon that possessed their sister, Vaporeon. The demon killed off her sister a long time ago and possessed her body. This same demon before took over Vaporeon's mate, Absol (which, Flare also defeated). The Demon had returned to seek vengance on Flareon through the method of possessing her sister. Flareon though, successfully defeated the demon.

The newer plot that Flareon was apart of has been titled the Gijinka Virus. Following the Wily plot of his bio-weapon, a pokemon known as Deoxys, had somehow harnessed some of the gas. The outcome of his effect with the gas resulted in a virus that spread and turned Pokemon into humans. Though, the downside to being human were these awful side-effects that affected those who caught the virus. Now, the virus has been domesticated and a pill has been created so that the Pokemon can maintain human form without the risk.

Necrophilia? Use to be!Edit

That's right! Flareon DID have a love relationship with Gengar, but due to a minor sub-plot, Kaonashi No Face came in and ate Gengar. Though, Gengar was killed off by the bio-weapon's deadly gas. NOW, Flareon is a married 23-year old. She met a Wyn Rosenrot (Rothschild) before the Gijinka virus. The two married and when she was turned human, succesfully had a child. They now have a beautiful baby boy who's named Ezra Odovacar Rothschild (Rosenrot).


  • In her Flareon form, people would cry into her fluff. It seemed to just "absorb" their sorrows.
  • People like to just cuddle her, she's soft.
  • Her twin sister is Jolteon, though Jolteon is a bit more sensitive to PMS. Flareon is just anger-management.
  • Her puppeteer made her to prevent one of the people who owns most of the Eons from making it. Flareon was also her first RP account, and so far her best.