Fox News
Fair and Balanced. Yeah, right.

Fox News is a cable news channel launched by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes in 1996. It happens to be the most-watched cable news channel in the United States, which shows you how much the American populace likes making informed, unbiased, and non knee-jerk decisions on who to vote for.

According to Wikipedia, "Many observers have asserted that both Fox's news reporting and its political commentary promote conservative political positions. Fox News Channel denies any bias in its news reporting and maintains that its political commentary and news reporting operate independently of each other." This pretty much would be akin to saying that Apple's line of successful MP3 players and smartphones have absolutely nothing to do with its iTunes software, or that Beyonce's live concerts share no similarities with her album. It's pretty much fact that Fox is owned by conservatives, staffed with conservatives, and caters to conservatives. And if you don't believe me, just look at the Fox Nation message boards (which, by the way, are pretty fun places to run around and scream bloody murder in.)

In the RPEdit

Fox News came on Sheezyart to combat Hillary Clinton, who, ironically, was banned not even a day later. Since then, Fox has been going after a wide variety of targets, including Barney Frank, Joseph Stalin, Hunter S. Thompson, Bob Dylan, Che Guevara, CNN, and, of course, President Obama. All of whom "hate freedom, liberty, and apple pie" in Fox News's eyes.

In terms of character, Fox is very loud, bombastic, and proudly All-American. Fox is unafraid to chastise any non-English speakers, and automatically assumes any person of remote Middle Eastern descent is a terrorist, any person of remote Russian descent is a godless commie, any person of "more-German-than-appropriate" descent is a Nazi. Yep, Fair and Balanced News.

Fox hasn't done a huge amount plot-wise, though they did send a couple of camera crews to cover Quick and Splash's wedding. While they managed to compile and edit the footage into an hour-long reality show, a cameraman and mic holder were killed by a rocket launcher in the commotion, and out of respect to their families Fox never aired the piece. The channel also created a minor hubbub after using heavy artillery trying to hunt Grizzly during a company vacation.

In addition, Fox has been somewhat active in the Sheezy forums (at least compared to everyone else), posting angry opinion pieces vaguely related to the week's news.

Fast FactsEdit

  • Fox News just so happens to be user Inter's favorite account.
    • Not surprisingly, Inter himself is somewhat liberal, though by Bay Area standards he's actually center-right. (Blasted hippies.)
  • The original idea for the account was Dick Cheney, but it was already taken.