Gardevoir (or Gardy for short) is a Pokemon that is the by-product of an unfortunate circumstance: he is a male biologically stuck in a very feminine body. Gardevoir's identity crises, his otherwise fun-loving attitude, and his affinity for hugs has led to him being one of the more recognizable Pokemon in SARP, even with his frequent hiatuses.


Gardy was created in early November of 2009. He was, well, what you'd expect: not too confident, angry at his circumstances, but very compassionate towards others. He was also hiding a few secrets about a not-so-happy past, things that he didn't like being reminded of. Despite this, Gardy was a relatively happy guy, and things would have been all hunky-dory, but…

The Part of His History That We All Wouldn't Mind ForgettingEdit

Without much else to do, and in the hands of (at the time) a relatively inexperienced SARPer, Gardy got involved with a Rocket Grunt plot. He was brainwashed and turned evil, ran around attacking people, and generally acted emoish. It was, to be honest, ridiculously embarrassing, and the constraints of the setup, not to mention dissatisfaction with the evolution of the plot, resulted in the account becoming inactive for quite a bit.

Things Improve. Dramatically.Edit

Gardevoir returned in January with a vengeance. Resolving to never again get his mind taken over like that, Gardy made friends, hugged a bunch of people, threw some parties, made some witty remarks, saved a life or two, and generally became that one guy people just wanted to hang with. However, he was still haunted by his traumatic past, and any mention of "rape" or "Rule 34" would risk making him curl up in a fetal position. Somewhere in those months, he developed a drinking habit, not knowing (or perhaps, just not caring) that alcohol and psychic-types do not mix. Slowly, Gardy's ability to battle - or do anything in general - began to wane. He didn't really notice or care - he could still teleport, and that's all that mattered! Right?

Gijinka, Europe, and, most importantly, blue hair!Edit

Wanting desperately to avoid the gijinka virus, Gardy bought a plane ticket to France. Alas, this action came too late, as Flareon kidnapped Gardy and force-fed him the pills, turning him into a shy, dance-crazed metrosexual. The pills had an unusual side-effect: the previously green Gardevoir became a shiny, and stayed a shiny even after reverting back to Pokemon form. You know how happy this made him? Super happy.

Not wanting to waste that plane ticket, Gardy called up the folks at the airline, and they rescheduled the flight. Gardy finally thought he'd be getting his sought-after vacation… so it was a complete shame that he woke up in Venice, weeks later, with absolutely no memory of the past few weeks. Unbeknownst to him, he had spent those weeks getting hammered every day, walked in two Paris fashion shows, and had night after night of orgies. He's damn lucky he didn't contract anything during that time period. However, his psychic abilities have been almost completely wiped out by the effects of so much sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. His loss of teleportation abilities, although he tries to pass it off as something not to worry about, deeply saddens him. His way of dealing with this is getting weed from his most recent trainer, RayG.

Currently, Gardy is still moderately active, where he can be involved in such pleasurable activities such as being insulted and getting trapped in cages! What fun!

Fast FactsEdit

Gardy's straight. Yeah. And he's also one of the few Pokemon shown to eat ACTUAL POKEMON FOOD. Why this is so, I do not know.