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Ghost rider
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The Hellish motorcyclist with a vendetta against demons and those who wrong the innocent. This is the most well known account run by Elfofchaos


Stunt Cyclist Johnny Blaze, in order to save his mentor, sold his soul to the arch demon Mephisto. His spirit was bonded with that of the demon Zarathos, and now uses the demon's power to become the supernatural force that is the Ghost Rider.

When the rider entered the roleplayEdit

Ghost Rider was always an RP account from the very beginning, he usually interacted with horror icon character accounts such as Nemesis from Resident Evil and even met Todd Mcfarlane's creation Spawn. Most of the RP accounts that Ghost Rider had interacted with were left behind due to the owner Disturbed Rapture or by her newer name, Miss Reign, was banned from sheezyart. Eventually the Rider fell into inactivity until Elf noticed there was in fact an RP going on, so in the end of the Montana requiem plot Ghost Rider joined the league.

Since then he has taken part in helping defeat Trevor Roberts in various plots, Has had a musical duel with Sheik (but then Sheik was killed by Kefka), and now is mainly a commentator from behind his desk in the league offices for the most part. Is sometimes seen registering some accounts into the League (notably Dumbledore).

Basic infoEdit

Ghost Rider is one of the more serious toned characters and also known to be very verbose. Despite the serious nature of the character he will often slip in humor once or twice. Always speaks in italics, though no one really knows how he exactly expresses this verbally.

Note from Elf on the verbal expression: Think Christian Bale batman, but more monster-ish and demonic sounding.


Ghost Rider, even with being the embodyment of hellfire, still manages to make friends with other characters of the RP. Known allies are;


  • Does not take threats against the innocent lightly
  • Is now in charge of paperwork for the league, despite his head being on fire
  • Gets tunnel vision when trying to avenge the innocent
  • Plays a mean fiddle
  • Did I mention his skull is on fire? If you didn't know that, his skull is on fire. You see that? That's his skull on fire.

Role in the RPEdit

Usually either a fighter or sage advice to some.

Post TimeskipEdit

For the past 25 years Ghost Rider has been traveling to many other worlds, subesquentially he has become to out of touch with the ways of the earth that the RP is taking place on, he has reverted to speaking in old English.

more info to come

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