The Gijinka virus is a plot that was based off Gijinka pokemon, which are quite popular on the website DeviantArt.

To find out more on what the hell a gijinka is.... Examples here

So how it began...Edit

It started off with Deoxys finally reacting to the gas. It infused with his mitochondria, creating an airborne virus that afflicted Pokemon by giving them a human form, and thanks to the FCC some new clothes.

Along with their abilities being kept, it all seemed like a good thing.

It kinda was too, until....Edit

Untill a certain vampire hunter came in and mixed up the famous Flareon for a vampire wearing caskett armor and using the power of Ursala.

The matter was sorted out, but thats when some negative effects started to show...

Now Vulpix has a terrible cough, and Espeon's randomly depressed.

The sickness itselfEdit

After time the sickness takes on horrid symptoms, the full list is here In this journal

and due to Hollygettingbanned Shadoo destroying orpheus' lab the plot has been postponed by two weeks.

Lets just hope he can get it rebuilt in time to fit the surge...

The cureEdit

Spread around the website via eiren's arrows all pokemon where cured and healthy

then the doctor himself; Orpheus, finally domesticated the virus, now in the form of a pill, pokemon can be a human, \at will, just take one in the morning or one at night

and they can go back to being pokemon, just by not takeing the pill in the morning, or at night, and human just by takieng it.


bottle itself that lasts a month $30

Subscription for three months $40

and for every 3 months more is an another $10

All is well...

Or is it...?


  • It is the first pokeplot, that so far, that has not involved mind control and hopefully will stay this way.
  • Honchkrow is a badass with it, he even picked up Butterfree.
  • Jolteon is high on life.
  • Gardevoir, as is often the case when he's subjected to things against his will, is embarrassed and depressed. He also, oddly enough, has a newfound affinity for dancing.