Glyde Loath, the narcissistic bastard himself

Glyde LoathEdit

Glyde Loath is originally from the Misadventures of Tron Bonne and Megaman Legends 2. In Tron Bonne's Legends spinoff game, he was a loan shark working for Mr. Lex Loath. In Legends 2, he resorted to the Bonne's way of doing things: piracy. He and the Bonnes actually ended up working together near the end of the game.

The Digger SocietyEdit

Glyde was first in the digger society for one reason: playing the villain. He obtained a Biometal from Master Albert forged from a Model W that allowed him to Megamerge to a form similar to his Rafale mecha. He defeated Megaman Trigger and Tron Bonne and obtained the Colossus.

A Change of HeartEdit

Later on, Glyde encountered Ashlotte Maedel, an oil-driven machine meant to hunt down a demon. He fought her at first and later on asked for her assistance. She showed him the ways of the priests that built her. He also found a special someone that he truly cared about. > HER

A Broken WingEdit

Glyde recently faced Astaroth, the demon his teacher Ashlotte was built to kill, and his leg was snapped like a twig. He was in traction as of June 22nd and it is unknown at this time (24th) when it will be healed.

Additional FactsEdit

  • Glyde is VERY VERY rich...and has a few dozen diamond-rimmed credit cards to prove it.
  • He has several nicknames-Slide Loaf, Glide Lump, Stride Trope, Glade Moat etc. and he hates them all.
  • He has NO idea that Ashlotte likes him because he's too dumb to know what flowers mean.