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Honchkrow; the big boss pokemon, evolution of Murkrow; Was originally an account made by The Calm Minded Tai. It then became a joint account between him and DavidSledgeBrother, Who potrayed him as a semi quiet dark pokemon; then the account was passed down to Nintendosavi who potrayed him as the currently; Brooklyn accented, and semi more outgoing way.

Species infoEdit

Honchkrow is a black bird Pokémon roughly twice the size of its pre-evolution, Murkrow. Honchkrow has red tail feathers and the underside of its wings are partially red. Honchkrow has a feathery collar that resembles a long white beard. Honchkrow has a straight, yellow beak, circular eyes with red pupils, and a feather crest that resembles a fedora hat.

Rp HistoryEdit

~Under Construction~

Came in during a minor Pokemon influx around when Glaceon showed up; and joined the infamous Leauge of Meta Knights, since then he was captured by TheCalmMindedTai, ironically, one of the only people acting like a trainer, next to General Dahlia (Who Currently has Jolteon and Growlith), he has since then has been a minor character, and was taken over during the Sub-Plot [though never had a comic] Rocket Crisis.

Since then he sustains his minor character status.

He got some more attention after the account was givin to NS, giving him a criminal record and a personality of that to a sterotypical Bostonian.

And did I mention a criminal record?


  • Hounchcrow was owned by the Calm Minded Tai (Now Lomien) at start, and Glaceon was owned by Nintendosavi, both accounts went through a second puppetteer and then it ended as a swich.