Hornet Man






Hornet Man is one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 9 whose period of use had expired and was scheduled to be scrapped. Hornet Man was designed to manage a flower park. It was his job to pollinate the flowers using his vast knowledge of flowers from around the world, and he loves gardening.

RP HistoryEdit

Hornet Man was pretty much meant to be a joke account that meant to calm down the drama that had been caused by the Robot Master trend.  He was shown to have bit of lighthearted and quirky personality that sorta made people weird out at times.  Hornet Man also seems to have a poetic side .

The closest that Hornet Man had come towards being used for an actual plot was being to be used to infiltrate and shut down the security of Trevopolis with the other members of The Underground.  However, Emi Toshiba management to beat the Underground to the punch.

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