This is how Ikuga naturally appears.

What the heck is he? Edit

Basically, he's a semi-intelligent dog given the choice of being human. He was born from the unholy love between his father, Maukilik, and some sort of ancient dog species. From his father's side he has been giving the annoying ability to not die, and also the ability to shape-shift between that thing you see on the right, and male and female humans. Sometimes he/she keeps his/her ears and tails (there are two of them).

Personality Issues Edit

Ikuga was blessed with having 6+ personalities. There are six "main" personalities (in chronological order):

  1. Yakiga
  2. Ark (not in SARP)
  3. Leona
  4. Loz
  5. Ike
  6. Ikuga

The Special Child/Senile Grandpa Personality, Ikuga Edit

Ikuga is the personality that most of you have probably seen. In general, all Ikuga wants is hugs and friends. His memory really sucks, though, so he'll forget a lot of things that happened, even if it was only a few seconds ago.

He is incredibly afraid of Jack Wilkinson.

The Messed Up Sadistic Child Personality, Yakiga Edit

Yakiga was Ikuga's original personality. He's from way back in the day, which is hundreds of thousands of years ago or something along those lines.

He made a brief appearance after being brought out by Jack in a bloodbath.

All he really wants is attention and people to play with him.

The New Yorker Personality, Loz Edit

He's probably not from New York, but he acts like it.

Loz denies being Maukijun.

The Nymphomaniac Personality, Ike Edit

Ike is Jack Wilkinson's only love. She could care less about monogamy, though. Jack ripped her heart out because he caught her cheating.

She has a blood fetish, and she doesn't care who's blood it is.

Her conquests are:

And maybe someone that I forgot.

The "Competent" Personality, Leona Edit

Leona, born Lozrun, was a member of the Maukijun military. As a leader, apparently, she fought in the attacks on Solemni and Kloyrod. She was pregnant once, but lost the baby.

She calls everyone inferior, except for General Dahlia, Shin Akuma, and Maukilik.

The reason she calls people inferior is not because she actually believes this, but it is because she is trying to see if others will let her be the dominant one. The most important thing for Leona is to be dominant because it's how she gauges her success.