Who is he?Edit

Physically, he is 6'2" and weighs about 180 pounds. He enjoys art, walks in the rain, and sadistically torturing others (and maybe getting hurt in return).

He appears to be in his young thirties, but he is actually in his hundred-and-thirties.

Jack prefers to take a human form, but in truth he is really Maukijun (see Ikuga). Jack dislikes the Maukijun for being mindless beasts. He refuses to act like them.

He used to be in love with Ikuga (as Leona), but that fell apart after she cheated on him with several other men. He, of course, ripped out her heart for that. During their relationship in the past, he locked her up for thirty years. She finally escaped after becoming pregnant with their son, Tay.

It's a little known fact that Jack loves pancakes to death. Of course, he's too lazy to make them himself, so he gets Rhoswen Danu to make them.

Taunting others is his specialty. He's not much of a fighter, despite his size, but he thinks it's hilarious to provoke others to the point of attacking him. Usually, this ends badly for him.


During the time-skip, Jack had aged slightly and become the head of the Zultshtobay.

Other than that, nothing happened.