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Kebin, human (top), werewolf (bottom)

The creation of The Red Death on Sheezy Art, Kebin Stormchaser is used mostly for some of his writings and such and used in the RP to "work on" the character a bit.

Kebin Stormchaser was introduced to Sheezy Art in November 14th, 2009 and is somewhat new.  He is probably most noted for his assault on Torchman with magnetized ammo that drove the robot into a flaming frenzy until Kebin managed to deactivate the ammo with a special device, and also for his mad dash across many RP account profiles as he retreated back to his page, only to reveal that he was a werewolf and lost his human form that day due to not having enough of the herb needed to help maintain his human shape.

Lately, Kebin revealed things he hasn't been too public about....including the fact that his whole life was a disguise.

What the hell? (The stricken-text is the info he fudged, and more recent info in "what the heck is going on???")

Character's Story Edit

Early life??? Edit

His real name unknown and going by the moniker "Kebin Stormchaser", the man was born in Deep South lands of Louisiana, born and raised in the areas of Cajun country.  Embracing the culture, Kebin was soon a master Cajun chef by the age of 13, having been tutored by his mother, who was the only person he ever grew close to in his family.  His overall family were thieves, drinkers, and generally assholes, hurting him whenever he needed them most.  Despite this, he was a warm person, socializing with folks with no issue.  Despite that, he never let anyone "close" to him throughout his early life, and was never slow to decking anyone in his way of things, and was always the man to be found living in the woods at times, simply to avoid folk.  At the age of 18 he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in order to leave his hostile home life and soon see the world he always read about, even though he would never see his mother alive again.

The Origin of the Loup-garou Edit

A month before leaving New Orleans to ship out to a boot-camp, Kebin met a man named Jack Moonsight, a member of a secretive group of druids who called themselves the Tal'ina.  The two soon became good friends, and kept in touch as Kebin went through basic training.  After that, Kebin visited the group again, and managed to convince Moonsight to enlist as well, considering the young man's incredible skill with a rifle.  Jack Moonsight's family and fellow druids, angered by the fact that one of their own was going to become a soldier, placed a curse on Kebin Stormchaser, who they believed was the offender.

Cursed, Kebin found himself no longer human but a large humanoid werewolf, leaving him a large problem if he would ever walk into public view.  However, the druids who placed the curse were relatively new to that type of magic, and Kebin was able to keep his sanity and full control of himself, despite being a nine-foot tall, 500 pound chunk of lupine fury.  He found many advantages to the new form, and with the help of Jack Moonsight(not even sure he's really who he says he is), they found a way to allow him control over the curse: an herb used for centuries against werewolves, called "wolfsbane", which when diluted and sprayed into his eyes, allowed Kebin the ability to go into human form or werewolf form whenever he wished.  The catch was that he must routinely administer the herb each week, or he would lose his ability to become human.  Without wolfsbane and some self-control, Kebin would always be in werewolf form, or "loup-garou" as werewolves are called in French.

=== Military History and Tragedy (yeah none) === Soon after that, he was sent into missions in Afghanistan as part of a Recon squad with the USMC.  Leading them and soon reaching rank of Master Sergeant after a few years, Kebin and his men of the Recon soon became the best of friends, including Jack Moonsight with their parties at base.  Moonsight had been an accomplished sniper with the USMC, and would be on the same area as Kebin at times, providing cover fire in some scenarios.  Their main missions were to root out a terror organization lead by a Russian with the current alias "Abbas Abbud", who was an ally to the main hostile forces of the area.  During a firefight with the men of Abbas, Kebin and his squad failed to keep Jack Moonsight properly secured, and a grenade managed to land near the sniper and blind him in the explosion.  After retreating and getting Moonsight to proper medical attention, Kebin would fall into depression several times, blaming himself for the loss of his friend's eyesight.

Tragedy soon struck again, however.  During a scouting mission near a stronghold of Abbas, Kebin's men tripped a land mine, the explosion killing most of his men on the spot.  The guards of the base soon swarmed over, and in the firefight, the rest of Kebin's men were killed while he continued fighting, soon passing out from blood loss from a wound in his thigh, several shards of shrapnel buried in his leg.  However, another group of Recon men arrived in time to rescue him and one other man.  Although Kebin survived, the other man passed away shortly.  It is attributed to Kebin's lupine curse for his survival that day, the werewolf form having started to manifest when he passed out, causing enough change in his body to stop too much blood loss, but not enough to make it know what he really had wrong with him to the doctors at a military hospital.

Aftermath... Edit

From then on Kebin left the military, brooding and stone cold from his experiences.  Taking odd jobs as a mercenary and hired gun, he soon grew in silent reputation with the crime scene, his quick killings and his "wolfing out" bringing him some notoriety with folk who knew of that underworld, and his trademark disguise, a skull mask, was soon recognized by many.  The mask was thought to be a way to hide his face, but it also apparently brings some sort of mental comfort to him, in a weird way.  The only person who truly knew Kebin and his past was his friend Jack Moonsight, who had gone back to living with his kind.  Jack and Kebin still kept in touch through letters over the years as well.  Supposedly, Kebin was also involved in CIA stuff*, but it has not been confirmed...although it would explain the many gadgets he seems to have at times, including the magnetic ammo he used on Torchman later on.

  • Turns out that little group he works for is the provider of such gear.

...from then on... Edit

Kebin soon married, however, to a female Marine named Xera (who had been cursed by the Tal'ina druids as well) that he met a year after leaving the Corps, and despite his haunting memories of his tragic past, soon grew human and warm in emotion again.  After a year or two after the marriage, it is assumed Kebin "retired" from his gunman job and is now currently a chef for many people on Sheezy Art. Although he deals with his past regrets and is now a heavy drinker, Kebin soon found himself a happy individual in a sense, and is more intent with protecting friends and family than brooding over his past.  Recently, Jack Moonsight left the Tal'ina folk and is living with Kebin now, the two a comical thing to witness with their difference in personalities and their arguments and providing comical relief to things.  Where as Kebin seems to be the muscle and Jack seems to be the brains, one mustn't forget that Kebin is surprisingly clever as well, and that Jack is quite adept at physically defending himself too.

Although supposedly married, Kebin's wife has never surfaced, and is now considered that she either left him or she was killed. As for now, Kebin is reportedly single, but he tries not dwell too much on the subject nowadays, leaving many folk guessing.

What the heck is going on???Edit

Apparently Kebin is working for some Catholic Organization called The Arbitration. Not much is known, but seems heavy with its use of Latin, exorcisms, field agents like Kebin, and apparently a hidden agenda that most folk will never know about.

Kebin has also lost his accent for most speech. Although Cajun, he is now speaking in a common inflection and is seen dressed more businesslike and professional. Occasionally he will use his native drawl to speak, usually to make a point or if he slips-up and forgets to surpress it.

He revealed the guise after he had been informed that a wicked man named Magus Kane (or "Kane the Harvester") is looking for him. Knowing how bad a card he was dealt, Kebin knew that going it alone would be bad, and came (somewhat) clean with the truth.

Most notably, the loup-garou trait that he has....seems to be a key thing of interest to Magus Kane.

Special Traits, Abilities, Weaknesses and Whatnot... Edit

Kebin Stormchaser is pretty adept at fighting, due to his rough upbringing and training, and seems very fit, despite his lack of "oh look I'm flexing". 

When he was cursed, his werewolf form enhanced the threat he posed to anyone fighting him.  Able to jump long distances, lift much heavier things with ease, move with blinding speed, and hit like a freight train, he also can lacerate with his claws and puncture the hood of a car with his fangs.  He can take quite a beating and still come back fighting, his rate of regeneration marked at unheard of measurements.  A mortal wound to a normal man would be nothing to even blink at for Kebin, even in human form at times.  Also, his senses have been heightened in that form, allowing him to sniff out people from disguises and hide-outs with ease, hear things that a normal person cannot, and sense things some people try to hide.

His major weakness, however, is the metal silver.  Where a mortal blow from any other object would not phase him, a weapon made of silver would make the mortal strike count, as he cannot heal as fast when injured by it.  Hitting him with a silver bullet would have the same effect as shooting a normal person with a regular bullet: severe wounding and possible death.

Also, the herb wolfsbane is highly toxic to the touch to anyone, causing numbness and even paralysis.  Although needed by Kebin to maintain the choice of changing into a human, the herbal doses hurt him severely upon administration, and sometimes knock him out for a minute.  If he isn't careful measuring the dose, he may suffer from its poisoning and may be paralyzed for several minutes.  If ingested in a good amount, wolfsbane may kill him.