King Bowser Koopa
MPA Bowser
"Pfft! Please, who do you think I am? I'm Bowser, the Koopa king!"



Koopa Kingdom


The Koopa Troopa, Bowser Junior and the Koopalings



King Bowser Koopa is the main antagonist of the "Super Mario Bros" series.  He is a big, mean reptilian beast with brute strength and a ferocious fiery breath.

Basic InfoEdit

Bowser is the archenemy of Mario and Luigi.  He's tried several times to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom, only to have each attempt end in failure.  Oh, and he has eight nasty children.

RP HistoryEdit

Despite being a well-known villain, Bowser's prominence in the RP was minimal at best.  The only plot where Bowser had a major part in was in the Montana Requiem; where he, Claus and David Sledge Brother were ordered to attack the security of Montana Knight's concert.

Bowser was also in Party Poopers.  However, he was granted only a minor cameo.  Bowser eventually fell dormant sometime afterward.

Bowser eventually came back only to find Quick Man pestering him.  Soon enough, The Koopa King developed a hatred for the Robot Masters and he became bent on exterminating them.  A Space Pirate Commander offered Bowser something to aid his goal, a White Liquid that had the capability to make any robotic entity go haywire.  Unfortunately, Popple stole the White Liquid from Bowser (and killed Bowser in a Bob-omb explosion).  Bowser was revived a day later and he still eager to set out and get rid of the Robot Masters.  However, things between Bowser and the Robot Masters mellowed out (I think...).


  • Five people have RPed using Bowser (Stormy McDanger, Advance, David Sledge Brother, Pimp Hollystika and The Red Death in that order); more than any character in the history of the RP.
  • When Bowser was used by Stormy McDanger and Advance, he spoke with heavy usage of profanity.  This trait had been dropped sometime during David Sledge Brother took on the role of Bowser.

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