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Klonoa, the Dream travlen wind bullet'n hero!

Character HistoryEdit

though a comprehensive account of Klonoa's games is still forthcoming, all that is currently known about him is contained within the various scenes in the Klonoa series. He lives in the world of Phantomile in a small village called Breezegale with his grandfather, who he and everyone else refer to affectionately as "Grandpa". It is unrevealed what his parent's status is, or if they simply live somewhere else

RP HistoryEdit

He first joined the RP-verce on June 29th under the puppetry of Sonic Luigi [now Mia Zenuous] and for about I'd say a few months the account was dead due to Mia leaveing Sheezy soon after, upon her return, he was putting ALL his accounts up for adoption, provided someone remembered one, NS then took on the Role of our small fluffy hero.

He got into little antics upon his Starting, at first he was potrayed with huepow "who talked in quotes" -and did actions within these line-ish things- and was his best friend as like in the games, as for why he was dead, he claims he was lost in the western jungle, it is unknown if this is true or not, but anywho, he soon discovered the rathar large influx of RM's in his absence, reafering them as "People in funky armors", his first meta-heroic deed was distracting hardman from doing a "Secret Handshake" with pandora, with Torchman telling our small hero what might've happened, his reward for this was a black eye from hardman.

At one point, Prometheus was out to kill him [yes people,TWICE] the first time the repliod got bored, he escaped with only a cut on his arm

The Secound time...Edit

Not so much, as the Grim Reaper based repliod [who went kookoo for cocopuffs] had pinned klonoa under his foot, and killed huepow right infront of little klonoa's eyes, leaveing him in a depression, and in a state of defencelessnesss, though a week or so after he cheered up and regained his charisma, also doning his Luneta's veil clothes, A little bit after, he went to tron bonne, and requested her to make his weapons from Klonoa heroes, The hammer, The Fist-things, and The Ninja star

Provideing a hit-or-miss drawing off the three weapons

Then Lolo showed up, reinableing his Wind-Bullet.

With Wind-Bullet, You get more heroic attempts; absolutely freeEdit

As it says on the tin, after he regained the abilty windbullet, he has been trying more heroic deeds, such as attempting to stop Dimentio's killin path bye challengeing the jester though however Dimentio ran away got bored and left the battle, leaveing behind a rathar rude drawing of the little hero.

And now he is trying the, what seems to be impossible, recovering Vaporeon from the clutches of Trevor Roberts.



  • Unlike most account trends, Klonoa, the main hero of his series came FIRST in the trend