Koopas In Space
Release date

December 07, 2009

Scenario Writer

Iggy Koopa


Bowser Junior, Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr, Wendy O. Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Roy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa and Ludwig Von Koopa


Technically Dora and Amy

&nbsp Koopas In Space is a sub-plot written by Iggy Koopa. The premise of this story explains what the Koopalings were doing while the events of Tis the Season for Ultimate Despair were taking place.


The story begins with the Koopalings aboard one of King Bowser Koopa's Doomships in the middle of Outer Space. There is some rather obvious disapproval with leaving the Earth since they didn't count of Light Yagami and Lelouch vi Britannia taking over during their absence. Larry, Iggy and Lemmy lighten the mood a bit by stating that this their big chance to take over some other world, since the Mario Bros clearly no idea where the Koopalings were. The Doomship stops at a nearby planet to restock on its water supply, while unintentionally bringing Jojora's batty cousins, Dora and Amy aboard. Once the Koopalings discover that Dora and Amy are on board, the icy twins make up a sob story that convinces the Koopalings to let them stay.

A day or so later, Dora and Amy's thirst for blood causes an uproar on the Doomship, that leaves the ship damaged and Morton hurtling helplessly through space. Roy and Ludwig decide to stay and guard/repair the Doomship, while Wendy, Larry and Bowser Junior set forth to the Comet Observatory and Iggy and Lemmy go searching for Morton.

While on their way to the Comet Observatory; Wendy, Larry, Bowser Junior get attacked by the Space Biker gang of Letta, Olga and Sludge from (from "My Life as a Teenage Robot"[1]). The three Space Bikers then vandalize the Comet Observatory and leave Larry, Wendy and Bowser Jr. to take the blame.

During Iggy and Lemmy's search for Morton Koopa Jr, they run into Dora and Amy again. The two wacky Koopas are forced to fight the icy vampires off. A dozen well-aimed fireballs managed to be enough to scare Dora and Amy away. Sometime after the fight, they hijack the wandering space-traveling robo-dragon, Galactail.

Back at the Doomship, Roy and Ludwig were peacefully making the repairs until the pirate ship of Captain Youngblood came by. The half-pint pirate made an attempt to pillage the Doomship, but Roy and Ludwig managed to send Youngblood packing. After the fight, Galactail flew over the Doomship, dropping Morton Koopa Jr. Morton convinced Roy and Ludwig to fly the Doomship after Galactail because Iggy and Lemmy were still on it.

Galactail was flying through space at a break-neck pace. The mechanical dragon found Larry, Wendy and Bowser Junior in the middle of an asteroid field. Iggy managed to get Galactail under control so that Wendy, Larry and Bowser Junior could climb aboard. Galactail then flew off to reunite its five passengers with their other three brothers. Galactail found Roy, Ludwig and Morton, but the mechanical dragon smashed the Doomship and sent all eight of the Koopas into a crash landing with whereeverthehecktheSARPtakesplace.