Tomboyish PSI master and League captain



Nowhere Islands



Kumatora is pink-haired girl who teams up with Lucas in the events of Mother 3. She's currently a captain of the League of Meta Knights.

RP HistoryEdit

Kumatora's original account first appeared during the Earthbound trend of '08, but was never active back then. She was finally active sometime after the Montana Requiem ended.

Kumatora was scheduled to appear in Libera Hameta alongside Prince of Persia, Ada Wong, 113420 to infiltrate the castle that Hameta was being held. Unfortunately, the plot was scrapped due to being in production hell.

To make up for having her original comic debut cut, Kumatora was given a minor cameo in Party Poopers as well as in NAITO Yume Nikki.

Kumatora is generally seen as a grumpy voice of reason that no one bothers to listen to, much like Laura DeSa.


  • Kumatora is the only female protagonist from the "Mother" series in the RP, as well as being the longest lasting protagonist from the Mother series overall.
  • She's also the only protagonist from that series whose account name didn't contain the acronym of the game she appeared in.
  • Kumatora was original part of the League's Reconnaissance Team. She was later granted Captain status after Sword Knight got demoted to League Pet for spreading foolish rumors.
  • She was also originally made by Rhemi/Day, one who was never fully involved with the RP in the first place.