One of Sparky's most favorite and popular created characters so far, and also his first fursona

Character InformationEdit

Kyo is a kind and caring wolf (Anthro), whom has many talents thats brought him quite far. Though he is rather shy when meeting someone who's nearly just as friendly. When confronted with an enemy however, if talking doesn't help- he will use his own abilities of water manipulation to fight. He looks rather young with noticably large ears. His discolored eyes is also another one of his traits many recognize him for.


Kyo as 16 years old, Drawn by Storm of the East on SheezyART

Starting OutEdit

Kyo never started out as an RP character. Made in 2005, he was always more of a story character. He never really had any friends to start, and his life has so far been an emotional roller coaster with the great times and... well, Not so great times. It was never meant for him to be an RP character, but he wanted to be known more throughout the SA site.

As a RP CharacterEdit

Kyo is not much different from the stories than he is in the RP's. His first real role in any RP was with Trevor's first take-over, when the SARP was still a bit new. He did go around to other RP accounts and strike interesting conversations, just to give off entertainment and laughs. This is where Kam Jameson and Dimentio came in. He's really fond of both, and he absolutely loves their comedic mischief.

Later though, Kyo would have to come to find out that Dimentio went rather 'bitter-hearted' torwards him for reasons unknown. Currently, this wolf is still waiting to be called upon again, cooking up a final part in the SheezyStories.

RP HistoryEdit

His first RP event was first known as the SheezyStory. Before knowing anything about the SARP, there was already a minor plot going on with Kyo Shiomi and Trevor Roberts. The minor plot connected to the story was about dimensional rule, but it didn't last long. However, it did inspire new inventions for Trevor for future Role Playing plots.

The second RP that Kyo was involved in was with Dimentio and the controlling fruits. Once again, Kyo played a minor part in this, but this was where Kyo's presence in the RP community was shown.

The FINAL RP Kyo was involved in- and played more than just a minor role, was the Doomsday Plot. Kyo was very against Trevor during this time- but he could not let down his past feelings for Trevor. They have been friends- so Kyo couldn't back up any threats against him. In an attempt to thwart his plans, Kyo asked help from Dimentio and Ghost Rider. They were successful up to a point, but Yume Shiromi caused great confusion inside of Kyo himself, and he couldn't do anything for or against the final result.

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Upcoming ProjectsEdit

Many mini-projects have been planned co-operativlely, such as a flash movie, but that project has been canceled. The current project however is in its severe alpha stages, with a game based off of the SheezyStory from his life. the SARP itself may be excluded, but current OC's ascociated with the SheezyStory, such as Trevor, Catrina, amd Laura will more than likely be included in this game project.

Alpha Testing Date: UNKNOWN- Delay, The testing possibly being sometime before Christmas of 2010

Programming Languages: Visual Basics for testing, Visual C++ after prototyping.


Fun FactsEdit

-Kyo owns a company named SyncTech, and invented an electronic media device- called MuSync

-Kyo is quite forgiving, and exceptionally patient

-Many hate him, but for the pathetic reason that he is a so called "Furry"; But he is pretty much loved by everyone else.

-He hates to admit it, but he is fond of Nate- even with the DeSa's above reason.

-Kyo has a bond with Trevor, and it seems no matter what Trevor does, Kyo supports it whole-heartedly.

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