Larry NSMBWii
Gender Male
Homeland Koopa Kingdom
Race Koopa

Larry Koopa (also known Cheatsy Koopa) is the seventh oldest of Bowser's children. Larry is known to be sneaky and deceitful; he is also a master at sports, despite not having a lot of stamina. He was the second to last of the Koopalings to make his arrival, the last being Ludwig.

Character HistoryEdit

Larry, along with the rest of his siblings, aids Boswer in his constant attempts to kidanp Peach and/or take over the Mushroom Kingdom. His abilities include spitting fireballs, using his tennis racket to bounce them back at people, throwing bombs in a way similar to bowling balls, diving into his shell to defend, and spinning around in the shell to attack.

RP HistoryEdit

Larry Koopa made his appearance during mid-November.  He hadn't been doing much outside of snooping around trying to find out about the current goings-on during his time in the RP.

When the destruction of the world began to occur in Tis the Season for Ultimate Despair, Larry and his siblings fled to Outer Space. He also became part of the Bonne Digger's Society to explore the Sheezy Underground.


  • Morton Koopa Jr is annoyed with Larry for getting a blue-star tattoo on the side of his head.
  • Larry is one of the few Koopa Kids whose puppeteer wasn't David Sledge Brother.

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