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Lemmy "The Hip" Koopa is one of the eight children of the evil reptilian tyrant, Bowser Koopa.  He was the second one of the Koopalings to make his arrival and has had made the largest impact out of any of them.

Character HistoryEdit

Lemmy and his siblings have aided King Bowser in his attempts to take over the Mushroom Kingdom (only to fail him miserably).  His abilities include spitting fire, self-duplication, materializing rubber balls, slamming into people with his shell and defending with same.  Lemmy also used a Freeze-Inducing ray-gun a couple of times, something that has only been seen in fanfics.

RP HistoryEdit

Lemmy Koopa was a critically acclaimed character thanks to his "Dare to be stupid" nature.  He developed an admiration of fellow comedic thespians in the RP such the Warner Siblings, Bugs Bunny, Jojora, and Kam Jameson.  Lemmy has often been used as a comic relief character in the League of Meta Knights comics.  The little rainbow-haired Koopa seems to have developed a charismatic side with the new look he acquired in New Super Super Mario Bros. Wii.


  • Lemmy was the only one of the characters to attack Dimentio (the other being Ghost Rider) in Claus's order to the League to commit mass suicide during "Liquid Lindsey" while everyone else was seen fighting Lindsey Sead.
  • Lemmy has made appearances in every League comic series since his his debut in the RP, except Party Poopers.
  • Lemmy is also one of the two Koopalings (the other happens to be Iggy) to appear in more than one comic.
  • Oddly enough, none of Lemmy's post-Liquid Lindsey comic appearances have depicted him with his ponytail.
  • Jojora and Flash Man's wedding was held at Lemmy's Castle in Iced Land.
  • He tends to make his exits with a loud "*SWOOSH*"

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