Liquid Lindsey
Love can run both ways...
Release date

28th May, 2009

Scenario Writer

Meta Knight


Meta Knight, Gregg, Maxwell


Lindsey Sead, Trevor Roberts

You know how almost every series seems to have a plot arc when the heroes are getting fucked over in some end of days way? Well, Liquid Lindsey could be considered SARP's end of days arc. Basically Lindsey lead a campaign to cleanse it of all ignorace (see everyone). With a combination of robot fucking white liquid and that over powered robot of hers, shit was going down.

Many roleplayers consider this to be the best plot.

What happened Edit

A league without its Metaknight is a sad one Edit

This section takes place a little after Metaknight got sucked into a plothole and the league believed him dead. With the league without Metaknight, they had no idea what to do. DaRoach, Anti Guy, and Sword Knight were all fighting for control of the league, which was proving fruitless. At the meantime, Lindsey Sead was secretly using Anti Guy and DaRoach to her own evil deeds. Claus though got his shit together and was able to take control of the league, however, things had already gone too deep to stop

Hehe. "White liquid" Edit

The "White liquid"/White Miwanho was a liquid that when got in contact with machines it'd cause them to go haywire and attack. Lindsey, with her alliance with Trevor Roberts and Dimentio, researched the liquid and developed a version which could put robots under Lindsey's control. Trevor used it to cause chaos with the Robot Masters who found their way to SARP. With chaotic machines attacking, the league had its hands full so that they couldn't see that Lindsey was up to no good.

With your powers combined... you die anyways. Edit

Things had gone from bad to worst to shit. Sephiroth decided (for some reason) to give Lindsey some materia, giving her the power of magic. With this and her SCIENCE, people started getting killed, starting with  Laura DeSa and Nate DeSaKam Jameson went emo for the rest of the plot. It was then that Gregg went to Claus with an idea. Go to Lindsey, and get killed by her. This plan was not very well liked, but they went with it anyways. And then everyone died. Sucks.

Dues ex machina time Edit

It was then that Metaknight found his way out of NAITO Yume Nikki and back the real world. Gregg and the scribblenaut Maxwell approached him and told him what happened. Yeah, Metaknight wasn't happy. But Gregg told Metaknight about his plan to save the day. Maxwell summoned up a teleporter and sent them deep into Lindsey's lair.


Sephiroth wouldn't let that happen though. He boarded up the door with boards of wood (I'm punny). Maxwell wouldn't let all this go to naught though, as he used termites to get rid of the wood and challanged Seprioth to a battle so that Gregg and Metaknight could get to Lindsey. Maxwell then fought Sephiroth with a Pterodactyl armed with missile launchers and other guns. Yeah, it was pretty cool. Though, it turns out Maxwell died in the battle with Sephrioth.

Do you remember love? Edit

When Meta and Gregg found Lindsey, it wasn't a pretty sight as she was standing on the heads of her dead enemies (Gorgutz believes that he's had bigger), and she tossed the head of a dead Trevor at Gregg knocking his skull off. Trevor had not been fond of the magic + science thing, so Lindsey just had him killed. Lindsey was about to kill Meta when he asked her one thing

"Have you... ever been loved?"

Yeahhhhh... Lindsey kinda snapped. Broken down by the reminder that she as never been loved. Bawwww.

Lets do the time warp againnnnn Edit

Metaknight gave Lindsey a choice, press a reset button given to him by Gregg and let everything go back to normal, or stay the same as it is now. Lindsey chose the button.

From their, everything went back to normal. All the members were brought back to life, along with the DeSas. Lindsey just kinda gave up trying to cleanse all ignorance, and Claus and the dog from Okami decided to go on a journey, But more on that later...

Mr.Resetti got pretty pissed though.

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