Ludwig Von Koopa Edit

Ludwig Von Koopa is the oldest of the koopalings (possibly a teenager) and was the head of koopalings until Bowser Junior took head. Ludwig is a great tinker of machines (possibly more than ) and the cruelest of the Koopas. He is also possibly the smartest of the group, possibly more so than King Bowser Koopa. Oh, and he's a damn good vidya player.

180px-SMB3 LudwigVonKoopa"This is a fun game called "STUFF YOUR FURNITURE DOWN THE DRAIN"!"
Gender Male
Homeland Koopa Kingdom
Race Koopa

Ludwig's RP story Edit

What he's done Edit

Ludwig was the last of the koopalings to join the party, and really as not done much. He mostly goes around, tells people how amazing his hair is, and using his brothers for schemes (which tend to be stupidly silly; See using Iggy as a turnip so that he can get away with the prize money) and being rather cruel to them (Once again, see making Iggy walk across a rode of glass just because it was there). He as been a player in Koopas in Space, but by being one of the two left behind to fix the ship (The other being Roy Koopa).

Facts Edit

  • Loves his hair like a mother loves her son.
  • He's claimed that the hair is natural, and that he's never combed it once.
  • Will make "Koopa Symphonies" from time to time, which are suppose to be horrible.
  • Ludwig isn't actually his real name, It's Kooky. He doesn't like Kooky though so he calls himself Ludwig