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Luvbi is believed to be the daughter of Queen Jaydes and King Grambi, and she runs away often to escape her overprotective parents. She does not know why her parents are so protective, but it is later revealed that she is really a Pure Heart; Jaydes and Grambi transformed her from the Pure Heart into a living form to protect it, as "no one would suspect" a Nimbi to be a Pure Heart (though Bonechill did somehow find out about Luvbi's actual form). They admit that, over time, they grew to love Luvbi and felt as if she was their real daughter.

RP HistoryEdit

Luvbi first appeared at the end of March, but she didn't do much.  A few weeks later, David Sledge Brother adopted the account for his own.  Unfortunately, the April '09 Villain started a few days after Luvbi had become more active.  Luvbi was both disheartened and mortified by all the influx of villainy and she was hoping for her dear afterlife that no one would terrorize her.  Fortunately, no bad things of note ever happened her...

...Until roughly a month later.  That was when she first met Yuyuko Saigyouji.  The shade princess sought to eat Luvbi for a little midnight snack, but Luvbi managed to shake her off by tossing innocent Parabuzzies at her... Only to meet face-to-face with Yuyuko's guardian, Youmu Konpaku, and she was about to make Luvbi pay for attacking her master.  Luvbi frantically begged for mercy from the Half-Ghost (direct quote: "This place hath gone mad if the citizens hither are attacking helpless NPC characters. First it was Ankoku Shiromi, then skulos now it doth be thou and that gluttonous spectral princess.").  Youmu managed to listen to Luvbi's pleas and decided to spare her.  Oh, there was also a bit of a squabble that Luvbi got caught in with Space Pirate Commander, but who cares about that?

Despite being noted as a properly portrayed Paper Mario character, Luvbi's general plot involvement was minimal.  She only had a minor cameo in Party Poopers and starred as the Ghost of Christmas Past in  "A Sheezy Christmas Carol".

Noted parallels towards LuvbiEdit

  • Kam Jameson: Both characters have died and were subsequently resurrected
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji: Yuyuko is the princess of Hakugyokurou, the netherworld of the Touhou series, whereas Luvbi's parents are the rulers of the netherworld of the Mario series; the Underwhere and Overthere.
  • Scott Flamesworth: His father, Blaine Flamesworth, happens to be a god.