The Fiendlord

Magus is

the Fiendlord, the Prophet, the Prince of Zeal, and one of the oldest members of the League of Meta Knights, technically being something around 12,600 years old. In the game he is portrayed as brooding, potent, and gloomy and does not seem to ever give up. He's a bit like that in the SARP too, except he's a tad crankier.

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Prince Janus was born sometime around 12,000 BC in the Kingdom of Zeal, where society was segregated by those with magic (called "The Enlightened") and those without magic ("The Earthbound," since they lived on the ground while the Enlightened lived on floating islands). His only friends were his cat, Alfador, and his sister, Schala. His mother, Queen Zeal, piddled around with Lavos a bit and went pretty crazy. Janus didn't like his mom much. A bunch of stuff involving a floating mountain and an underwater palace happened and through some weird time-warp thing Janus was transported to the Middle Ages, which in the game was around 600 AD. Also, his sister Schala went missing in that same timewarp.

In the Middle Ages, Janus was found by some Mystics, including Ozzie and some imps. Janus grew up with these Mystics and eventually took on the title of Magus, the Fiendlord, since he was far more magically advanced than any of the other Mystics. The word "Magus" means "magician" in Latin, and so the title of "Magus" implies that he was a powerful magic user. During his time in the Middle Ages, he grew vindictive and vengeful against Lavos and eternally concerned over the fate of his sister Schala. In the SARP, Magus decided to wage a war upon the Kingdom of Guardia because the more conflict he created, the easier it would be to summon Lavos and thus be able to destroy him sooner. As such, in the SARP, Magus seeks to promote most conflicts, but actually does a pretty bad job of it.

Magus became a pretty formidible opponent in the game, and managed to travel back in time to his original time of 12,000 BC. There, he disguised himself and called himself "The Prophet," and proved himself to be one by accurately predicting events which happen. However, eventually it is proven that he is a false prophet (he only knew that it was going to happen because he lived it through), and his identity revealed. He took to gazing listlessly upon mountains for a while, and eventually was either killed in battle or joined the party (depending on how the player played the game). The rest, they say, is history.

In the SARPEdit

Magus hasn't really done much in the SARP, other than join the League of Meta Knights and become one of the Plothole Patrol Four, which is still completely inactive.

Well, then again, he did start up that one really confusing plot, but that ended up being reset and didn't matter anyway.

Although strangely enough, unlike some other characters from video games, Magus is still the only Chrono Trigger Character in the SARP.