Maxwell is the start of the critically acclaimed Nintendo DS game "Scribblenauts".  Maxwell possesses a magic notepad that can allow him conjure pretty much anything just by writing the name of said object.

RP HistoryEdit

Maxwell made his debut during the Liquid Lindsey plot.  After Meta Knight had escaped from the plothole he had previously been trapped in, Gregg had Maxwell give the blue puffball a recap of the events that had taken place during his absence.  Afterward, Maxwell, Gregg and Meta Knight set forth to confront Lindsey Sead.  When the trio made it to Lindsey's Lair, they were briefly halted by Sephiroth.  Maxwell stayed behind to hold off Sephiroth while Meta Knight and Gregg went to search for Lindsey.  Sadly; Maxwell died in his battle against Sephiroth, but he went out with a bang..


  • 113420 seems to hate Maxwell due to him not having any canonical personality.
  • Maxwell appeared to have a weird habit of using the abilities of his magic notepad to bring other characters in the RP into bizarre situations.