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Mimi is a villain in the Wii game Super Paper Mario. She is one of Count Bleck's main lackeys, and has the appearance of a innocent girl though she has a violent and cruel temper. She possesses the ability to shape-shift, often taking the disguises of Merlee and other characters.

Mimi's name derives from the word "mimic", which fits in with her ability to copy others, and possibly "me", as she has a very self-centered personality.

RP HistoryEdit

Mimi's "debut" was in the Montana Requiem, where she was used a stand-in for David Sledge Brother (who had been kidnapped and turned into a painting by Silversonic). A couple months later, Mimi had finally gotten an account of her own(made by David Sledge Brother, of all people).

Unfortunately, Mimi was far from a well recieved character in the RP. She essentially lost track of what her personality was supposed to be, was hitting on Claus and kept getting caught up with all the fighting involved with the worst plot ever, the most imfamous bein that horrible incident with Tankred. Once the RP fell dormant, so did Mimi.

It wasn't until early July until Mimi finally came back (and was finally in character). Much to her dismay, Popple had stolen her vases and paintings and that she had practically been replaced by a certain pink reptile. That mess had been sorted out a bit and then Mimi went back into occasionally popping in and out every once in a while; showing somewhat of a bitter resentment against the RP world in general.


  • She was the firt RP account ever made by David Sledge Brother.
  • Mimi and Claus were the first ever crack-pairing in the RP. Of course, this pairing had been dropped as of late since Mimi's puppeteer now realizes (and respects) that Claus's puppeteer wants nothing to do with crack-pairings.
  • The Splashwoman/Quick Man wedding took place at Merlee's Mansion, which is Mimi's current work place.
  • Dimentio likes to toy with Mimi by stealing her diary.

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