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Minuet is a babyish robot girl that was created by Doctor Wily, but has managed to escape from the scientific madman's evil influence.  Minuet has the ability to freeze the air and wields a laser-spear.

RP historyEdit

Minuet appeared a few days before the post-TtSfUD timeskip and hadn't actually done much until the timeskip actually occurred (mainly because her puppeteer had to wait until someone made a decent picture for the account's profile icon).  Minuet starred in her story that told of the events of when she was adopted as Jojora and Flash Man's daughter. Minuet hasn't done much othside of that outside of making the suggestion taking Prometheus and Pandora into the Robot Master family after post-TtSfUD timeskip and giving Pandora a few tips on being a real girl.


As previously stated, Minuet acts kinda childish. She has showed to be very affectionate and easily stressed.


Minuet's primary weapon is a spear that's capable of shooting laser blasts, much like Splash Woman's own Laser Trident. Minuet's Spear is apparently collapsable, since she can store it in a hidden compartment in her back. She can spit chunks of ice in the same fashion as Ice Man's Ice Slasher and launch icy gales of wind from wrist cannons that are normally concealed by the sleeves of her coat.


  • Minuet's look appears to compliment Ice Man (who resembles one of the Ice Climbers) and Princess Peach (whom she shares her palette with).
  • Minuet was originally going to called be "Glacier Woman".
  • Minuet is one of the only two "lovechild" characters to have an actual account (The other being Torrent Girl).
  • She's also the only "lovechild" character that's not the "biological" offspring of her parents.
  • Minuet had recently stated that her model number as SWN-004, but she always hesitates when she says the "004" part due to her not being sure if she's indeed the fourth robot in the SWN series.

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