Dr. Everest



Zeilodia, Xen Terra. 213 R.E.

Self announced, he claims to be a scientist from the far distant future after Earth. Moddex is an engineer of sorts who began immediately working on developing the technology of the world (Within SARP). He is also responsible for the construction of the Ark along with the aid of Aoife Faye and Earthshine. He now works day to day in an effort to promote development into the future and protecting the Ark and its contents held within. From there on, he aims to return to his own world and time. A month or so after the Ragnarok incident, he finally managed to acquire the means to return to his world and time and has yet to be seen or heard from since.

Trivial InformationEdit

  • He tends to take a rather controversial and neutral point of view towards the judgments of others and their actions.
  • In his latter days of service to his nation, he was offered a lofty political position, but had declined to continue his technological developments instead.
  • During his early childhood, Moddex suffered a near fatal accident during a machine test, costing the functions of his lower legs and wrists and leaving a massive scar running along the length of his spinal column. He was then given cybernetic prosthetic limbs as replacement by his military care givers.