Operation: Montana Requiem
The best of both worlds!
Release date

20th January, 2009

Scenario Writer

Laguna Loire, Meta Knight


Edea, Laguna


Miley Cyrus, Montana Knight

"I guess I'll have to concede that tits saved humanity."

- Squall Leonhart

The Montana Requiem Edit

The Montana Requiem is long considered the first "real" plot of SARP, and the first of which that Metaknight drew his infamous comics for. While the focus is on Hannah Montana the main inspiration of this plot is Final Fantasy VIII. This plot was kind of crazy, guys.


The start Edit

It started simply. A mysterious lawyer came to Metaknight telling him that if he signed it, he'll get galaxia 2.0. This was a filthy lie however, as the lawyer was actually Disney, and they the contracted turned him into "Montana Knight", who advertised Hanana Montana with every post, changed his page and made it play "Best of both worlds"

Shit just got real Edit

At first, the members just got kinda annoyed with this, but never really got to the area where things were serious. This changed when Lloyd Irving and Anti Guy saw a ad for a concert with Hannah and Meta, the bad part being that the "lighting effects" would be played by the Ex-Spheres, which mind controls people.

The plan Edit

While the league was considering what to do, when Soceress Edea and Laguna came in and formed a plan so they could get this faggotry out of their city.

The plan: Get into the city and dress up as guards, get some people to hide in the towers as snipers

Sneak in an replace the amps and microphone Hannah Montana had

Claus, Bowser, and David sledgebro would then attack to weaken the security

113420 the bom-omb would blow up and destroy the barrier that stops Vocaloids from getting in

Use Anti-guy's toy box to weaken the Ex-spheres and then the snipers would break them

Raid this bitch

Use Miku's tits to separate Metaknight from the montana spirit

Falcon punch the spirit, destroying it

Kill Hannah Montana

When things messed up Edit

The plan was going rather smoothly, until a group of hedgehogs butted in. One of them attempted to destroy all of Hannah's stuff, and reveling that someone was trying to sabotage her, but 'lil Mudkip stopped him

Next came when Night the Hedgehog tried to stop Antiguy from opening the box, and knocked off the Badge that was stopping the mind control. The snipers were still able to shoot open the box and destroy the Ex-spheres.

When shit SERIOUSLY got messed up Edit

All else went smoothly until the part where they had to kill Hannah Montana. When Tabuu tried to Offwave Montana, Night broke his wings thinking that Tabuu was trying offwave Metaknight (Or, Menta Knight, due to a typo).

Then, it turns out Disney found out how to compress time, and the world was being compressed. It seemed that the now freed Metaknight was the only one left to stop Hannah, but was far too weak. It was then that R.O.B came along and topspinned Hannah into oblivion, saving the world.

Afterwords Edit

The day was saved, and they decided to have a party. Mimi messed with Claus, Captain Falcon hates the steelers, people got drunk, Metaknight gave R.O.B a medal for saving the world. R.O.B was never promoted to captain.

And what happened to Disney? Edit

They moved on to Novally's sanctuary, home of the recolors, and compressed the SHIT out of it.

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