NAITO Yume Nikki
Wake up (press 9 key).
Release date

31st August 2009

Scenario Writer

Meta Knight


Meta Knight


Kefka, Lindsey Sead, Dimentio (as toriningen)

Meta Knight played a ROM hack of Yume Nikki where all the characters were replaced by SARP characters. But instead of jumping off a roof, he jumped out of Doug Funnie's ass. Yeah, this was a weird plot.

Plot synopsisEdit

After Party Poopers, plotholes literally started springing up all over the place. Kefka managed to escape from the Godlike Safety Capsule in this manner, and Meta Knight was sucked into another. This was originally a joke, as the only seeming way to get out of an "inescapable" place would be to screw the rules well, actually, yes. To screw the rules.

When Meta Knight stopped being warped, he found himself in a room similar to Madotsuki's. So Meta Knight went on an adventure exploring his own fucked up dreams.

Meta Knight first found Tabuu in the Numbers world rubbing a pole. He was then offwaved.

Meta Knight's second encounter was with Kumatora. Meta Knight turned off the lights and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnti Guy came out.

Then Meta Knight went to a black and white desert even though the comic was monochrome already. He met Eureka Thurston who grew an extra three arms when Meta Knight pulled the traffic lights out.

Meta Knight then went to a MOTHER like world, where he met Lucas, Ness and Ninten. He then was reminded of Claus and how he missed him.

He then had a nasty encounter with some familiar looking toriningen.

Meta Knight then found himself on a spaceship where Claus Masada pinched him and woke him up.

Meta Knight, along with the ROLEPLAY CHARACTER and Skeeter, were then farted out of Doug Funnie's ass. ROLEPLAY CHARACTER and Skeeter farted off to gather Chaos power with Mickey Mouse. Meta Knight, freed from his dreams, went back to the demolished remains of the League HQ, kicking off the Liquid Lindsey plot.

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